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Year of birth : 1987

Age: 28 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyA native of Connecticut Chris Impellitteri is one of the leading guitarists of style hard-and - heavy, and its manner of execution is often like playing another guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen.

Exposure to various influences by Al Di Meola to Eddie Van Halen, Chris began operations in the mid 80s ,when he spoke in his native surroundings with Rob Rock. Later, Chris moved to Los Angeles, but relations with Rob not lost in 1987, with it released "Impellitteri" mini-album, which served as the impetus for the creation of the project of the same name.

In the next year ways and Impellitteri Rock dispersed, and guitarist recruited a full team. Vocalist was none other than a former member of "Rainbow" Graham Bonnet. That he was obliged by the appearance on the debut album song "Since you`ve been gone", borrowed from the " rainbow " repertoire. In principle, the entire drive is a speed- metal version of "Rainbow".

Impellitteri Other members of the team ,worked on "Stand in line", also had a good experience: bassist Chuck Wright collaborated with the "Quiet riot" and "Giuffria", keyboardist Phil Wolff played "Final notice", and drummer Pat Torpey pounded Ted Nugent. However, after the recording of the album the band began to disperse to other projects ,and on tour "Impellitteri" went to the heavily updated structure. When it came time to record their second album, Chuck Wright was only a first draft, but the group returned Rob Rock. Place the drum kit is now held drumsticks veteran Ken Mary ("Alice Cooper", "Chastain", "Fifth angel").

In 1993 came the minialbum "Victim of the system", which in "Impellitteri", a new character - James Amelio Pulli. This young talented bass guitarist Chris has become a reliable partner for many years. Since his arrival composition stabilized, and only in 1996 was supplemented by keyboardist Edward Harris Roth ("Fates warning").Impelitteri The team has released four discs of this configuration, including the EP "Fuel for the fire" and the live album "Live! Fast! Loud!". Only on the album "Crunch" in the band has a new drummer. Glen Sobel previously worked at Tony MakAlpayna and accompanied by "Impellitteri" on tour in support of "Answer to the Master","Screaming symphony" and "Eye of the Hurricane". In early 2001, the team left Rob Rock -turned solo record, so Chris had to find a replacement.

However, Impellitteri especially did not think, and invited to the session "System X" longtime friend, Bonnet. Graham honestly performed their duties on the album, and went about their business, leaving Chris to solve their problems. The search for a vocalist lasted quite a long time, and only in September 2003, took a post at the microphone Curtis Skelton, whose debut took place at the "Pedal to the metal".

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