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Year of birth : 1983

Age: 32 year

Place of birth : St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Citizenship : United States


Shock -rock band "Impaler" from St. Paul (Minnesota) was formed in the early 80s. Team members was: Bill Lindsay (vocals) , Michael Torok (guitar) , Bob Johnson (drums) , Cour Hawley (bass) and Mike Senn (guitar) .

The style chosen group - a punky polutreshevy metal with lyrics, swarming zombies and other evil spirits. However, the rapid popularity of "Impaler" is not earned by his music ,and thanks to a wild show with tons of blood, pyrotechnics and all sorts of terrible attributes from horror movies. Senn pretty quickly vanished somewhere, so my first demo team recorded four. "Vicious demos" was popular, and thanks to her team received a contract from the "Combat records".

The first was born EP "Rise of the mutants"And was followed by a full-length album, "If we had brains. .. we`d be dangerous" for him (Bob Mauld producer). Both releases were subjected to violent attacks by the organization the PMRC, which was "Impaler" only on hand, and musicians get free advertising.

ImpalerPosledovalo national tour, and in the meantime composition "Blood bath" appeared in the form of a clip. The same song came on " kombatovsky " collection " Bullets " with things from " Exodus " and "Megadeth". Unfortunately this attitude "Impaler" with "Combat records" are over, and the band was left without a roof. The situation deteriorated further and the departure of Bob Johnson. Matching drummer could not be found, and in a short time in this position perebyvali Ken Lamer ,Erin Ryan and Terry Ingram. The team tried to add a second guitarist, represented in the person of John Streydindzhera, but the specific results it has not given. Finally, despite the staffing problems in 1989, the group managed to release a second album, "Wake up screaming", published in "Channel 83 ".

Interestingly,that the disc was recorded in the studio "Paisley park", belonging to Prince. After the release of "Wake up. .." Lindsay has suspended the activities of "Impaler", and he engaged in another project, "Daddy Raw". The original composition " Impeylera " met again on Hellovin 1994, having played one concert in his native St. Paul.

ImpalerV the beginning of 1995 there was another speech ,and by the end of the year Lindsay presented a new version of "Impaler" with Eric Allin on bass, Nicky Nichols on guitar and Ron Barna drums. This configuration has released a demo of "Sonic freakshow", and then take over their traditional " theater " of the action, in which there are new characters such as Zombie Executioner, Bride of Impaler and Dr.Corpse.These concerts again warmed up the public interest in the work group, and musicians rushed to record a new album, released on their own. After "Undead things" Nichols left, and was replaced by Brad Johnson.

In 1998, the "Impaler" signed a contract with the "Root of all evil". The label started with,that early albums reissued with bonus under the brand name "The gruesome years". Almost simultaneously came and a new work, "It won`t die". By the next release as part of a regular replacement has occurred, and a place behind the drums took Tom Croxton. Personnel changes have stopped for three years ,and during this time the group has released two full-length albums and one EP ("The mutants rise again"). Only in August 2003, when the "Impaler" is preparing to release a retrospective DVD, I returned to the team Cour Holi.

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