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Style "Iluvatar" can not be defined in one word. Containing solid foundation fatal, it includes finely woven elements of jazz, classical and psychedelia, while remaining perfectly formatted for the radio broadcast. Who took its name from one of the characters of Tolkien " The Silmarillion " ("I-LOO-va-tar"), this team from Baltimore (Maryland) included Glenn McLaughlin (vocals, percussion) , Dennis Mullin (guitar) , Jim Rezek (keyboards) , Mick Trimble (bass) and Gary Chambers (drums) .

History of the group dates back to 1983,when its future participants started in the local progressive cover- band "Sojourn". Many of the songs of this band (both music and lyrics) on the first and second album were written by guitarist Tom Kraus.

IluvatarPosle as Kraus left the team (he later appeared in "Brave new world"),"Sojourn" changed the sign to "Iluvatar" in 1992. The group began to act actively "live" in the vicinity of Baltimore and quickly cobble together an army of loyal fans. Although the main focus on the musicians made their own compositions in their repertoire also invariably present covers of "Marillion", "Genesis", "Styx" and "Pink Floyd". Left on "Kinesis records" in November 1993 self-titled debut CD "Iluvatar" quickly achieved the best-selling release of this label.

With this record the group has also received international recognition. In March 1995, the team again went into the studio to prepare for "Kinesis" second album. Even before the sessions original bassist Mick Trimble replaced Dean Morkas.

IluvatarS using the "Children" team established itself as one of America`s leading progressive groups of the 90s. But despite the successful promotion cases reshuffle continued ,and after the release of the disc drummer Gary Chambers lost its installation Rick Fleischmann, whose tapping could be heard "Sideshow" the disc 1997. By the way, this album is a collection of live tracks, alternate versions and previously unrealized material.The international tour in support of "Sideshow" group went with drummer Allen Brunell (subsequently departed in "The dark aether project").

Only in December 1997, " the drum problem " could finally be solved with the arrival of Chris Mack. Together with him "Iluvatar" played a large number of concerts ,appearing in the Mexican festival "BajaProg 98 " Pennsylvania " NEARfest 2000", and in 1999 released the album "A story two days wide".

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