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A group of New Jersey, consisting of South Americans and Latinos, opened a new facet of nu- metal, adding to the fiery Latin rhythms and acoustic flamenco guitar. According to the team `s founder Dave Chavarri main idea was ,to sound as heavy as possible and at the same time as it is possible more melodic.

The history was laid at the end of the last millennium, when a former member of "M.O.D." and "Pro-Pain" Chavarri drummer assembled a team under the name of "El Nino". Led by vocalist "Merauder" Jorg Rosado, the gang quickly gaining momentum ,opening for bands such as the "Hatebreed" and "Fear factory".

The crushing guitars, hysterical vocals, a mixture of English and Spanish, coupled with a Latin sensibility, did their job, and the song "El Nino" sounded on the radio and in the press there were the first positive feedback. But the project had to freeze for a while ,as Chavarri went on tour with "Soulfly", replacing it Wayward Roy Mayorga.

Ill Nino On tour Dave received a powerful boost of energy, and returning home, again took up his project, replacing the sign on "Ill Nino". Since Chavarri decided to work in a more melodic way, it was necessary to update the composition,replacing the first vocalist. In this position it is approached a native of Brazil, Christian Machado, and "Ill Nino" started to work in the following configuration : Chavarri, Machado, Marc Rizzo (guitar) , Dzhardel Paysante (guitar) , Lazaro Pino (bass) and Roger Vasquez (percussion, ex "Ricanstruction"). Joint concerts with "Kittie","Soulfly" and "Snapcase" continued the best appearance of the group at the festival in 2000 "March Metal Meltdown" in New Jersey.

Significant support team provided one of the biggest youth radio "WSOU", often puts her songs on the air. All in the same 2000 in the "CIA recordings" released a mini - album "Ill Nino", which contained seven tracks. Soon after the deal took the company "Andy Gould management", to orient the group to record the first full length.

Ill Nino By working together with producer Dave Chavarri was recruited veteran Ron St. Germain, known for his collaboration with "Tool", " 311 ", "Soundgarden", "Creed" and others.After weeks of intense sessions album "Revolution. .. Revolucion" vyshelv light on the "Roadrunner records". "Ill Nino" managed to create a decent record with the Anglo - Hispanic texts and diverse music that combined the melody ("Unreal"), sincerity ("Rumba") and severity ("I Am Loco"). By releasing the disc, the band toured extensively ,with the majority of its concerts were sold out. Participants of the musicians and the traditional " Ozzfest ". Upon his return from Europe, where they shared concert stages with "Raging speedhorn" and "Pitchshifter" guys went into the studio again to please fans of his next creation under the working title "Confessions".At this time, production work Chavarri shared with Bob Marlette ("Saliva", "Black Sabbath"). During the sessions of the group peacefully broke up with two of his colleagues - guitarist Marc Rizzo and percussionist Roger Vasquez. After some searching, they found a replacement in the person of Arya Laster (guitar, ex- "Machine head") and Danny Couto (percussion,ex "God is I", "Point4hope").

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