Ilia Korotkov

Picture of Ilia Korotkov

Citizenship: Russia


Ilya Korotkov, who was born in Russia. From a young age became interested in sports, he paid special attention to athletics. Once realized, that of paramount importance to him is such a variety of sports like javelin. After - Korotkov began intensified training - most of them under the direction of experienced, qualified teachers.

Sports career athlete took shape as well as possible - short more often participated in competitions of various kinds - including the international level.

Thirtieth of May 2008, the year Ilya Korotkov took part in the tournament in Athletics, held in Belgrade. Then the athlete excelled - he perfectly acted and won, throwing a spear at 78 meters 47 centimeters. In Belgrade contest first place for sports career Short was extremely important and revealing.

Once - it was still a considerable number of competitions in which athletes perform very diligently, in any case - with dignity.

Second year 2008 was extremely important for the athlete Ilya Korotkov. Initially, the athlete has successfully passed the pre-Olympic qualifying competition, having won one of the prizes. As a result of the competition, the athlete became a member of the Russian Olympic team and went to the Summer Olympic Games in China.

In Beijing, Ilya Korotkov perfectly distinguished himself and was in the list of finalists for the Olympic competition javelin. Despite the fact that just in the final athlete was unable to take one of the most prestigious locations (athlete was udostoennepodiumnoy awards), Korotkov does not consider their own part in the 2008 Olympics failed. Moreover, the athlete is proud that he was lucky to be an Olympian and compete with the strongest - the elite - athletes of the world.

Currently, Ilya Korotkov started training again and seeks to achieve canceled - the maximum possible - results. Javelin Throw for the athlete - a significant part of his life. Without sports, he is not is his own existence, even more so - no victory.