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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Citizenship : United States

Operatic pop music from Simon Cowell

The combination of operatic voices and pop music - a thing ,seemingly illogical. Experiment Simon Cowell, however, showed that of the incongruous is often possible to create something very, very worthy ; success of the team assembled them `Il Divo` speaks for itself - not the power of each group to gather at a concert almost 34 thousand spectators. `Il Divo` - Multinational vocal team of opera singers, specializing in pop compositions ; created and managed by Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell).

New Project `Il Divo` Cowell thought he heard performed by Andrea Bocheli ` Con te partiro` while watching the series Clan Soprano` ` (` The Sopranos`). In 2004

-m in the British version of Cowell project `The X Factor` made a quartet of opera singers ` G4`; as a result of this quartet took second place, but the contract with the `Sony Records` yet received. By a curious coincidence, lead singer Jonathan Ansell team (Jonathan Ansell) previously auditioned in `Il Divo`. Cowell ,prekrasnoznavshy on contemporary popularity of classical music and lyrical voices, decided to establish a multinational quartet designed to recreate the style of ` Three tenorov`. To this end, he organized a search for talent at the international level ; This search lasted 2 years, from 2001 to 2003.

In December 2003, the last member of her came to the team ,American tenor David Miller (David Miller); besides him, in `Il Divo` including Spanish baritone Carlos Marin (Carlos Marin), a French pop singer Sebastien Izambard (Sebastien Izambard) and Swiss tenor Urs Buhler Classic (Urs Buhler).

`Il Divo` sing in Spanish, Italian, angliysom, French and even Latin. In 2006-m team entered the Guinness Book of Records.

April 25, 2007 th `Il Divo` made on the show ` American Idol` in one of a series of special issues of `Idol Gives Back`. In this special edition was held to raise funds for the needs of US children and Africa; for each surrendered to the show `s voice project sponsors - `Coca-Cola`,`AT & T` and a number of fairly large organizations - donated money to the needs of charities like ` Charity Projects Entertainment Fund`, `Save the Children` and ` America`s Second Harvest`.

December 12, 2008 th `Il Divo` made the final presentation of the Swedish ` Idol`, held in Stockholm (

Stockholm).After another tour in America, Australia and Europe `Il Divo` participated directly in 20 US concerts Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand). Joint project Streisand and `Il Divo` was later recognized as the second in scale tour round the year ; total revenues amounted to 92.5 million dollars. Later, the musicians went to Streisand`s tour in Europe.

June 9, 2006 th `Il Divo` together with the R & B- singer Toni Braxton (Toni Braxton) performed the official anthem of the World Cup FIFA,` The Time of Our Lives`; It happened between the time interval of the first match of the tournament - the game Germany (Germany) and Costa Rica (Costa

Rica). A month later, on July 9musicians repeated the same number at the closing ceremony. Later the song was included in a special collector Cup and European re-release the album Braxton `Libra`; it is interesting that none of the albums of `Il Divo` songs that do not.

Heaviest his show `Il Divo` given on December 20 of 2011 in Asuncion

, Paraguay (Asuncion, Paraguay);gathered to listen to their delightful singing that day 33900 people.

July 19, 2014 th `Il Divo` performed at Edinburgh Castle, in the framework of a new dedicated to the Commonwealth Games, the festival of pop music. The team has performed with the composition of `Amazing Grace`; At the same event can be byloposlushat music Jay Jesse (Jessie J),Smokey Robinson (Smokey Robinson) and ` Culture Club.

Group continues to actively vystupat? concerts worldwide ; ing is the time to record new, pretty uspesnyh albums. In total to the current moment team has sold worldwide over 26 million plastinok.

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