Ikuo Kamaiama

Picture of Ikuo Kamaiama

Place of birth: Ibaraki

Citizenship: Japan


Professor of Russian language Ikuo Kameyama elected Rector of the Tokyo University of Foreign Languages.

He was born in 1949 in Ibaraki Prefecture. In 1972 he graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Foreign Languages, specializing in Russian. There was a course in graduate school, getting a degree.

Since 1978, the Institute is engaged in home teaching, became a professor in 1993. Since 1991, more than 10 years led to the TV channel and radio NHK Cay special course of Russian language. He regularly appears on television with comments on the literature and art of the Soviet era and Dostoevsky.

Kameyama - odiniz chairmen of the Japan Science Society of Russian literature, a member of the Japanese Research Society Slavic. Author of over 300 publications. Among them are works of Vladimir Mayakovsky`s creativity, Velimir Khlebnikov, Marina Tsvetaeva.

Kameyama believes that "joined to the study of Russian literature through interest Velimir Khlebnikov, and then switched to the avant-garde, and is now focused on the culture of the Soviet Union during the Stalin era. This period draws in Kameyama "under the yoke of authoritarian expression of human creative" aspect. In recent years, as studies Russian literature of the XIX century.

He is fond of music. He is married and has one daughter.