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Igor Borisovich peak graduated from the Moscow Institute of National Economy. Plekhanov graduate Research Institute of Economics and Logistics, PhD in Economics in 1989.


He has twenty years of professional experience, much of which is associated with the development of software industry and regional development, macroeconomic research. He has - the development of marketing strategies and market research for the benefit of the highest state of economic institutions, major industrial companies and financial groups, to develop and implement programs, crisis management and financial rehabilitation of the largest industrial companies, the reorganization of the business, strategic business planning and development concepts of economic development, development and implementation of integrated management systems of companies.

Pican IB It works in RBS since the founding of the company, carried out the direct management of more than 150 successfully completed projects. Before you head of RBS, is the CEO of "Modern Business Technologies" (SBT), previously worked as Deputy General Director for management consulting company "Unicon / MS Consulting Group".

Pican IB He is a member of the Expert Council for Natural Monopolies of the Federation Council, the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Property, Committee on Management Accounting at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, member of the National Competitiveness Council, as well as a member of the Working Group of the RSPP on Russia`s accession to the WTO and Customs policy. In 2007, by the decision of the Organizing Committee of the International Competition "Pilar" General Director of RBS Pican IB He was awarded the Order "For outstanding achievements contributing to the strengthening of the economic power, greatness and prosperity of Russia."

Pican IB He was appointed as an expert on federal relations and local self-government to the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation on the improvement of public administration and justice. Since 2004, consistently ranked in the list of Russia`s best managers version of "Expert RA".