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Date of Birth: 08/23/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Potsdam (GDR)

Citizenship: Russia

Igor Petrenko: the most positive character

Author: Daria Buravchikova

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Upset, I complained Petrenko:

- Igor, but still for some reason you do not want to talk about his personal life?

Igor Petrenko: I was tired of seeing questions like "What do you do?", "Where he met his wife?". I ask all the same. You open the first interview, second, fifth, the thirty-fifth - and all about it. And as I - it`s me, it always say the same words. And when you read these words in the fiftieth time, really want to shut down, to stop, to understand himself: but it is generally true, so really it?

You know, when after the premiere of "Carmen" I left the room, two men of age of my parents (and therefore over forty) reasoned: why in their generation had plenty of goodies - musketeers, midshipmen, Boyarsky there Kharatyan, and at present - there is almost, if only one Petrenko. You are what you can say to this?

J. P .: I know a number of young, and already middle-aged children with positive energy - all of them potential goodies. But we now have a strange time in the country, in art, in cinema, in particular. Music bought are not the people who need heroes as such, and those who are repelled from a particular material, assessing whether it will be able to sell and earn money. In our country, do not take the actor for the role of the hero only because it is his role, as in the West. We agree who is cheaper, and the approved if matched - well, not matched - well, that`s okay. All this is due to the fact that no well-developed characters factory, stars ... In my experience, "Star" - this is the first time that the director defended the particular actor - me. A lot of people were against. And he believed in me something to eat, and so fought. It is worth such blood! In general, those heroes of which you speak, not because there is no demand, because it was he who creates supply. As soon as the public wants a hero, she would get it.

In your opinion, is it chtomy - a generation that does not need heroes?

J. P .: No, it seems to me, now just need heroes, but I have the impression that no one knows what. When it is determined any particular desire to the viewer, it formed the appearance of the hero - these characters will appear immediately. In the meantime, there is some confusion in the minds of people in our country.

Do you own a movie in the cinema watching?

J. P .: Very rarely, because they do not have enough time. Although, of course, I look. The last thing I saw - a "Chicago."

Many accuse Hollywood punching scenes, without any inner fullness. You look, and like the movie?

J. P .: Yes, of course. Sometimes you just want a spectacle, for that does not mind paying the money. Guided by a similar desire, people go to the circus, show, comedy, musicals. Because it is beautiful, it`s fascinating, it`s great. And this movie is necessary. Of course, in parallel with it and necessary movies that will not overwhelm your visuals, and forced to some mental processes - and I for this movie. It must be different. And each has its own audience. I have not heard of a movie liked everything. Someone does not have enough for spectacles of life, someone - emotions, someone wants to see in the film is one, someone - else. Moreover, in different moments of life can not miss different.

How much you have to be similar to the character in order to play it, or it is absolutely necessary, and actor - that`s why he and the actor to be able to play anyone?

J. P .: I`m sure looking some points of contact with the hero himself, in order to somehow justify to themselves that the frame does my character. But it does not necessarily have to be my prototype. Play can be any character, another thing that I`m still going to try to impose it "over." Another component played the role - director participation, as far as he was able to explain and convey to the actor how he sees this character. From the synthesis of these concepts and the image comes - if it is possible to find common ground with the character, the director, the character receives a living, but it does happen and failures.

It was hard to shoot, "Carmen"?

J. P .: There was a lot of difficulties. I, frankly, is still much that the film does my hero, unable to justify itself just like a human. Insanely difficult was the scene where Carmen beat Sergey near the car. We have very long shot, and I had a lot of questions. I myself could never hit a woman, so this episode was given to me a very hard time, I could not understand how it is at all possible. I have a different character: I better go, say nothing, but do not hit in any case. And here is the scene something is written, it should be played, regardless of their beliefs.

What other actions Sergei you can not explain?

J. P .: If the truth, I do not fully able to justify for themselves the very essence of this painting: my hero dropped everything and left. Now, at this stage of his life, so interesting to me to work, do their job, I do not know what would happen, so I like that he took and dropped everything.

By the way, tell me, and because of what is actually Sergey throws all: it was a great love, passion, or something else, how do you set for ourselves? Or maybe it`s just his character, easily suggestible?

J. P .: I do not think that the character of Sergei tractable, because he, in spite of everything, the whole man. In this situation of suffering for the man lay in the fact that he felt became a balloon, which a woman can easily pull the rope, dragging behind him, and he, a man, nothing can not help it. And if Sergei was my supple, he would like that happened all the time and it would be easier to take it - you know, succumbing to ten times a day, to get used to this, as, in fact, with all that is often repeated. And since it is not, it is strongly grabbed unusual sense of "air ball", was caught - and not let go. And he went through. This for me the integrity of the person. If he had to retreat to the halfway, he stopped and said: "No, no, what`s happening to me?" - That`s when for me it was not complete. And my hero to the end: work - work that way, to love - because love. At 100%. Because of this, by the way, the guy suffers. All his experiences are largely due to the fact that he is not with Carmen, and due to the fact that he overstepped himself completely crushed his "I". This is his inner tragedy. And I do not know whether this is good or bad. Understand this is not possible, it is with ourselves in life this will not happen. It is difficult to blame or justify, not having gone through similar.

But we can say that you are the same in terms of integrity?

J. P .: I do not consider myself to be holistic, because I do not have enough experience. Somewhere still have to compromise their principles, otherwise it is simply impossible to grow.

From any of your acquaintances you`ve heard negative comments about the new film?

J. P .: From friends and acquaintances - not, but generally heard. Someone said that my character in "Carmen" is the same as lieutenant in the "Star", say there is no character development. One woman said that Sergei - a rag. In some extent, it can indeed seem so, but in fact this is the life, in the movie there is nothing supernatural and the unreal. And very often it happens in life, that the toughest nuts at the sight of a female eye turn into a piece of cloth. I think that there`s anything wrong with that. Just at this point, you can make any feat. Despite the fact that he softened, ready to move mountains.

You inherent selfishness?

J. P .: Yes, inherent.

Recently a lot of talk about what is good, is justified and necessary for life. Do you agree?

J. P .: I think that first you have to learn to respect yourself, and only then can you truly respect others. Selfishness creates rod personality ridge. If it is not at all, then the person will dissolve in others. A healthy proportion of self-interest must be present in each.

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