Igor Gorinin

Picture of Igor Gorinin

Date of Birth: 03/10/1926

Age: 89

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

The worst thing - indifferent people

- News: Igor V., you were the deputy of the I Congress of People`s Deputies of the USSR. Shortly after the report of Prime Minister Ryzhkov, you gave your word, and you talked about the need to restructure the economy so that the achievements of science were introduced and allowed to benefit. Woz, it seems, is still there ...

- Igor Gorynin: On the podium I was released due to the request of Valentina Matvienko, who worked in the Secretariat of the Congress. I talked about the implementation, and now - about innovations. The terms vary - the problem remains. In terms of innovation Russia disastrously behind the developed countries, and this makes us uncompetitive. Just returned from Nice, where he was the largest symposium on nanotechnology that will bring new scientific and technological revolution - and we on this front looks very pale.

Why do we have to invent something? If something is missing, you can always buy the oil money. But live forever due to the hydrocarbons will not work. I would not say that the Russian people by nature are not able to implement scientific ideas. When we created from scratch nuclear fleet, and in many ways surpassed the Americans, there was no shortage of ideas implemented. In every economic system needs a mechanism for implementation, but now there is no such mechanism, and the old is not suitable. Twice in the same river not enter.

- News: In recent times, the government had a lot of academics. Then the closest to science was dominated by PhD Illarionov, but do not have it right now. Perhaps the scientific intelligentsia, the part of political life, is to blame for their troubles?

- Gorynin: The last election to the Academy of Sciences have shown that a person who worked for a while in power, gets scientists "black mark". In addition, scientists know that the government - time job, then it is difficult to go back to the science. The main task of the scientific intelligentsia - ensuring a higher level of knowledge. Only through science society can move forward. The intelligentsia must provide an education society. Form a government - a difficult task. While the government does not understand that science - this frame, which is essential for development, persistent representatives of science will continue to serve only as an asylum. The ranks of the intelligentsia are thin, capable young people would go abroad.

- News: In those years, when you come into a science, it was fanned by the spirit of romance. Young people have dreamed about the profession of the scientist, physics were the heroes of the time, about the scientists to make films and write books. Our time has come - romance grown old, and young people looking the other way.

- Gorynin: Science - it`s awfully interesting. Exploring a new phenomenon or material turns a man into a creator. The result is so acutely concerned that the person far from a science, which is not experienced, you can sympathize. But in science, I am absolutely convinced that success can be achieved only very curious, indifferent person. Let people make mistakes, but let tends to result. In our life indifference - the main evil. Indifferent people I`d never have started up, put on a third role, nothing serious can not trust them. The worst failures make it indifferent people.

But as a young man goes into a science, if he sees that scientists nearly so? I worked a little kid in a bank or lawyer - and already, as they say, tightly packed. On the "Merci" goes to Courchevel. But I gives hope that the time when it was more profitable to sell the beer in a tent than in science work, is gradually disappearing - the state has increased funding MIC again in focus, there were orders, the youth returned to science. Previously, my heart ached: go away - and everything falls apart. Now that feeling is gone. I always go to the conference of young scientists - very smart guys are not worse than before.

- News: How many of you in the "Prometheus" is produced scientists?

- Gorynin: The average salary of 18 thousand rubles. Earnings individual. PhD level specialist receives 20-25 thousand rubles. In our budget, state financing of 20%, 40% give the orders of the Russian market, 40% - foreign contracts. I thought would be fair if the breech share rose to 50%.

To successfully do science, you need three components. Talent, which involves non-indifference. Good instrumentation. And a decent salary. Of course, in this case, it may be bad luck, but the probability is reduced. And without it - is doomed to failure.

- News: The raw material economy does science unclaimed. Raw economy objectively beneficial reduction in population and low educational level.

- Gorynin: The key question - how to excite demand for offer science? Our industry does not generate demand, it prefers other options. Recently, a large company expressed the desire that we have come up with special and very necessary pipes. We bought equipment, created the technology, tests were successful. And suddenly they bought from Japan. All done without explanation, without a tender. On the causes can be guessed at. There is obviously no mechanism to support domestic products and technologies, even though he worked out in many countries. Oligarchs penny create scientific foundations, but it is crumbs to fog the issue. Real interest in science at a major industry there. And, sadly, such a policy is not built.

- News: There are many states that are living happily ever after, and without science. Maybe we will do? The oil runs out - something else we find. Forests are still many or air under the Kyoto Protocol will start selling.

- Gorynin: You can live without science. The question is, what we want and what we see Russia. If you agree that the only people interested in football and watching soap operas, this option will fit. Every day on TV all over the country one Malakhov to the great joy screaming stupidity - it`s awful. We must realize that the intellectual degradation of the country will inevitably lead to its disintegration. The elite stratum in Russia is becoming thinner. Please note that the program "What? Where When?" experts now often lose detecting brain laziness. Sit in evening dress, the money hunt, but the answer is not known. Previously jacket were simpler and more knowledge and intelligence.