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Date of Birth: 01/13/1936

Age: 23

Place of birth: First of Uralsk

Citizenship: Russia

Scary Devil`s Pass

Igor A. Dyatlov was born in 1936 in the city First of Uralsk, in the family of an engineer Alexei Alexandrovich Dyatlov and his wife Claudia Ivanovna. Besides Igor`s family had three children. In 1954 he graduated from Dyatlov school and enrolled in the Urals Polytechnic Institute. I must say that since childhood, Igor was a techie - he began to get involved early in the avionics and adolescence has already collected its first shortwave transmitter. In addition to radio, he enjoys photography, besides the images he collected his own magnifier and later fashioned and telescope.

During his studies at UPI Dyatlov was a member of the Tourist Club, and that the club has planned in 1959, a winter ski trip - members of the expedition had planned to go skiing 350 km to the north of the Sverdlovsk region and conquer the peaks and Otorten Oyko-Chakur. Campaign was awarded the 3rd, the highest category of complexity.

The group had 9 people: Igor Dyatlov, Zinaida Kolmogorov, Rustem Slobodin, Yuri Doroshenko, George (Yuri) Krivonischenko Nicholas Thibault-Brignoles, Ludmila Dubinin, Alexander Zolotarev and Alexander Kolevatov. Initially, the group was another member - Yuri Yudin, however, he had to go back before the ski trip because of a cold. All participants of the campaign were not older than 25 years, only one (Zolotarev) was born in 1921.

January 23, 1959, the group Dyatlov went by train from Sverdlovsk. It is known that on 25 January they were in Vijay, where went on a passing truck (this is where Yuri Yudin cold) in the logging town.

January 27 nine tourists hit the road, and the last living members of the group of Dyatlov saw 28 of Yuri Yudin, who had returned.

No more Dyatlov, no other guys do not see live.

According to the plan the group had to return to Vijay February 12 and from there to send a telegram to the institute, but that did not happen. About 15 of February in the tourist club began to worry, and furthermore, nervous parents and children. Dyatlov group started looking for February 19, 1959 the first three groups experienced rescuers were formed in the gym UPI also went in search of, and military, and later joined them-Mansi hunters.

On February 25, the upper Auspii empty tent was found on the left bank of the river. It was a tent group Dyatlov, one wall of it was cut in the tent was empty. Very strange things were discovered in a tent - there were 9 tourist backpacks, 8 pairs of skis, 9 pairs of shoes, pants, jackets and jackets, as well as socks, hats and other clothing. Sozdavalospolnoe impression that the tourists had left the tent naked, while the outside temperature was below zero. On the trail, leading to the tent, search engines have been around one and a half kilometers away, where the first two bodies were found - it was Yuri and Yuri Doroshenko Krivonischenko lying near the extinct fire. Both were stripped to their underwear, both had burns.

Within 300 meters they had found the body of Yuri Dyatlov, it was not the top clothing and shoes.

Also, without shoes was found, and Zinaida Kolmogorov. Despite intensive searches in this terrible discovery ended in February.

The other members of the expedition - or rather, their bodies were found only in the beginning of May, when the melting snow.

The first tourists funeral took place March 9, 1959 th in Sverdlovsk, and then - 10 March, and the last funeral for 12 of May.

The official investigation into the death of the group Dyatlov began February 26, 1959 and lasted for three months. Here`s the puzzle began. Thus, it was found that the tent, one wall of which was cut, cut, not from the outside but from the inside, that is, the tourists do it yourself. The question `Why?` And the question remains.

The cause of death of children was called freezing, the autopsy did not find them incompatible with life traumas.

Increased radioactivity was recorded on several fragments of clothing, however, the cause of death could not be it.

May 28, 1959 the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

Despite the fact that the official investigation was stalled, researchers have put forward a lot of versions of the tragedy. So, one of them - the avalanche, which caused the children to cut the tent. This explains why many were stripped as avalanche at night, when tourists were asleep. There were also other opinions - from local hunters attack before the attack of wild beasts. Some have suggested that a group of Dyatlov was a victim of secret weapons tests and voiced opinions about the paranormal and extraterrestrial. We talked about the internal quarrel in the group, as well as the secret services and runaway prisoners. None of the versions put forward did not find official confirmation.

Mountain Pass, near where the tragedy occurred, was named Dyatlov Pass.

These events, and the rest of the terrible mystery, formed the basis of many articles and documentaries. In 2013 saw the release of `The Mystery of the pass Dyatlova`, directed by Renny Harlin (Renny Harlin) in the genre of horror.

The circumstances of the death of Igor Dyatlov and his group are still mysterious, and researchers concerned with the present day.

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