Igor Bestuzhev-lada

Picture of Igor Bestuzhev-lada

Date of Birth: 01/12/1927

Age: 89

Place of birth: village Lada Penza province

Citizenship: Russia


Igor V. Bestuzhev-Lada (born January 12, 1927, the village Lada Penza province, now a part of Mordovia.) - Russian scientist, historian, sociologist, and futurist, expert in the field of social forecasting and global studies. Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Honored Scientist of the RSFSR and the Russian Federation. The author of several dozen books and brochures, more than a thousand articles in periodicals, as well as a number of articles ( "Prediction", "Prognostics", "Futures" and others.) In the third edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Bestuzhev-Lada is a representative of the Moscow school of social forecasting, developing the ideas of technological forecasting. According to this concept, the forecast of phenomena, if possible, should not be limited to the prediction, but should provide and optimize the observed phenomena, which should be carried out by evaluating and "weighing" of all the possible consequences of proposed solutions and select the most optimal one. In recent years, Bestuzhev-Lada developed possible scenarios for the transformation of the socio-political situation in Russia.

In 1950 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) with a degree in "historian"; in 1954 he defended his thesis for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences, in 1963 - for the degree of doctor of historical sciences.

In 1954-1966 he was a research fellow of the Institute of History of the USSR. Since 1967 he worked as head of the sector of social forecasting in the Institute of International Labor Movement, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in particular the Institute for Social Research, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now - Institute of Sociology RAS), which operates to this day.

From 1969 to the present day (with breaks) - Professor of Sociology Department of Moscow State University. Lomonosov. Since 1989 - Chairman of the Presidium of the Russian Pedagogical Society, which in 1990 unsuccessfully ran for the Congress of People`s Deputies of the RSFSR. Since 1992 - Academician-Secretary of the Department of Education and Culture of the Russian Academy of Education.

Some time was a member of the Youth Affairs Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

In 1995 he ran for the State Duma on the list of "common cause" Irina Khakamada.

In 2002 - President of the International Academy for Future Studies (http://www.rfsa.ru/), member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, International Academy of Informatization, Academy of Astronautics and the International Academy of humanization of education. Vice-rector of the Russian Open University (DOC), CEO Institutaprognostiki at DOC.

Since 2002 - Member of the Advisory Council of the General Council of "United Russia".

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