Idris Kudashev

Picture of Idris Kudashev

Date of Birth: 09/23/1914

Age: 55

Place of birth: a. Yakovlevka

Citizenship: Russia


Idris Moiseevich Kudashev, junior commander, commander of the rifle platoon of the 6th Company of the 68th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division. Born September 23, 1914 in with. Yakovlevka Bazarno-Karabulaksky District of the Saratov region. Tatar. Primary Education. In the Red Army, he served in 1939 - 1941 years.

From November 1939 to March 1940 he fought with the Finns as part of the 7th Army of the North-Western Front. He took part in breaking the Mannerheim Line, the storming of cities Terijoki, Koivisto and Vyborg.

Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" Idris Moiseevich Kudasheva awarded March 21, 1940 for bravery and courage in battles with the White Finns on the Karelian Isthmus.

In 1941 - 1945`s IM Kudashev participated in the Great Patriotic War. Senior sergeant retired. He lived in the city of Saratov. Died May 9, 1970.

70 Division, which served Kudashev stood on the border in the area of ??Sestroretsk. November 30, the units of the division as part of the 7th Army launched an offensive in the fierce fighting, which lasted two weeks, the harsh winters and deep snow to overcome the operational zone of powerful obstacles and reached the front edge of the main defensive zone.

In the period from 11 to 21 February troops of the 7th Army broke through the main defensive zone of the Mannerheim Line. Attempts to break through on the shoulders of the retreating enemy on the front edge of the second panel were unsuccessful. In the following three days, all over the Karelian Isthmus raging blizzard. All roads and the position of the troops were covered with snow, it stopped the supply of troops and military actions on both sides.

The second battalion of the 68th Regiment received new combat mission - sovladet Pukkinsari island. The island was defended by the 21st battalion of the enemy Marines. The offensive was resumed on 28 February. After an artillery preparation of a rare chain company moved across the ice, to the island. At 150 - 200 meters from the shore edge 5th and 6th infantry company were met with heavy artillery and small-arms fire from the enemy, and were forced to lie down. were polynyas, ice has been filled with water near the island. It was introduced to fight a company of the second echelon, but her persistent attacks were unsuccessful.

Soldiers in uniform lay the frozen but the ice all night. At 14 o`clock on February 29 battalion commander, Captain Gerasimchuk arrived in rifle companies, personally set the task of each division and led the soldiers to storm enemy fortifications. Kudashev first to rise from the ice and with a cry: "For the Motherland!" - He drew for a sixth company. Platoon Kudasheva in-the water overcame the 200-meter strip that separated the beach from the turn of the attack, and the first burst onto the island. Bayonets and grenades, the soldiers drove the enemy from the coastal fortifications. Personally Kudashev with a group of soldiers of his platoon stabbed with a bayonet eighteen Finns and four captured.

After a few minutes Kudasheva attacked three officers, made his way to the captured portion of the forest. The brave commander has entered into an unequal fight and shot two Finns.

Three hours later, the enemy threw in a counterattack that their reserves. She fought off our soldiers fire and grenades, while killing tens of Finnish soldiers and officers. During this battle Kudashev replaced retired down the company commander and led the division to cleanse the Finns all over the island.