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BiographyEven before the release of his first album, Ice-T (Ice-T) I understand where are the big money, and starred in several films about rap and breykdense. History is silent, whether he was the first actor - rapper or not, but one of the first - exactly. May 19 launched a new rental movie starring Ice-T and the soundtrack "Below Utopia: Lost Score" to him.Tracy Marrow (Tracy Marrow) hails from a small American town Nyuvorka (NJ) .

This year it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Black Man Consciousness was injured in early childhood. He did not manage to roam the streets of New Jersey, which belongs to the East Coast. In school, he was forced to go in the Los Angeles ,where he moved shortly after the tragic death of their parents in a terrible car accident. After that, everything just up the habit. Ghetto. Four army years. Hazing. Dembel. Graft propensity for violence. Excellent command of weapons. Breykdens. Participation in competitions, festivals, and other get-togethers breykdenserov. error status: 400I traveled on expensive cars and love to drive fast. However, he had his head on his shoulders and did not rely on fortune. The biggest of his dream was to create a unique style of hip-hop west coast, which was in the bud, while the East, led by New York, deservedly dominated. Life did Tracy deadpan ,cool in relationships with others. However, not only this justifies his chosen alias Ice-T. In fact, he found it in the writings of Iceberg Slim Negro writer who in his works explored the historical operation of the facts of the black population of America. Not many people know that the first record Ice-T has been "The Coldest Rapper". She looked like an improvisation on familiar topics Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and made her the first artist hip- hopers in Los Angeles. However, the money that he received hardly bulging his pockets. Ice began the old. This time he hunted petty criminality ,He starred in his first film "Breakin`" and wrote several songs for the soundtrack to this film and its sequel. In hip- hop, he returned to the not quite the usual form. Ice clothed themselves in garments of medieval warriors and recorded a single eccentric " Killers` 45 ". Success came to him with the release of the next single "Ya Don`t Know",which thanks to a wide audience interest accredited in the press as the first real hit West Coast. Money and success enabled him to establish his own publishing company Rhyme Syndicate Productions in 1985. A year later, Ice signed a solo contract with Sire / Warner Records. Debut album Ice-T "Rhyme Pays" was released on Warner Records label. His team had only a programmer Africa Islam, another hardcore rapper DJ Aladdin, who also acted as co-producers of his records. Besides the fact that this album is one of the first Gangsta works, its output is remarkable by the fact that on the cover of the rapalbum first appeared warning logo "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" (together with the image of the machine " Uzi ") . Decent fees brightened his troublesome life. Aisa began to entertain military toys, and very soon he gathered a rich collection of semi-automatic weapons of various brands. When journalists were invited to his residence in Beverly Hills, hacks appeared that they had arrived at the warehouse of the Pentagon. Gangsterism have not had time to buy then still the same mass and familiar character, as in the 90s. Ice also grabbed the leitmotif of a new era with the beginning of his career repperskoy. Robbery and violence settled in his songs at the same time as began to dominate the American streets. Like most of his fellow contemporaries, Ice-T gave a second life to the good old funk, adding his controversial rap texture. In his second album "Power" he sang about a girl who " want to do this "and in the form of a dirty animal, but at the same time he promoted safe sex. On the cover of the new weapon, his girlfriend (he passed off as his wife) with luxurious forms in superotkrytom swimsuit and blue uniform he concluded with a familiar DJ. In the late 80`s Ice basks in the glory ,error status: 503His companion in the disc recording and in the fight against music censorship became Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, which further added Protest Music Ice-T. Two years later, the rapper`s new album "O.G. (Original Gangster)" imprinted Ice-T at the peak of gangsta rap. The album made in raplexicon the term " real (original) Gangster " and gold letters was listed as the greatest records rap artists, along with Ice Cube, N.W.A., Run DMC and Public Enemy. A detailed analysis of their Los Angeles life mingle here with a curious parody of the style of the gangster life. Aysu clearly tired of being the pioneer of gangsta rap ,error status: 400that he would have wanted. His new hobby was unusual for a rapper fascination heavy metal. He founded his own metal band Body Count. They recorded two albums ("Body Count" and "Born Dead"), and the most famous and controversial of their song was "Cop Killer", the content of which still remembers all of America. It was almost thatwhat we do not want to hear shtatovskih many corrupt politicians and police - racists even a tete-a - tete, and not that loud. No one was surprised that the police started a variety of obstacles live performances the group Ice-T, but still in the United States there were clubs and organizations ,which went against the conspiracy of officials and police warnings, and tour Body Count held. Fans Aisa met the police with the slogans : "Stop Killer Cops, Not" Cop Killer "! Warner Records, meanwhile, removed the " Cop Killer " from later batches debut album Body Count 1992 1993 started for the rapper`s departure with Sire Records,.but Ice was ready for such a turn of affairs, and even glad that at last will be recorded in his Rhyme Syndicate Productions. Unfortunately, after a strong trilogy of albums abroad decades of his fifth album "Home Invasion" more consistent with a fatigue of its owner. Nothing but the typical Aissa, was not there. A typical G-Style,maybe only inherent to Aisa narrative and strong comparison, but the sound was softened and even felt the impact of jazz. In addition, once it lost Ironically, the signature dish of Ice-T, which is already similar to the crisis of the genre. Not by chance the following year he sat down his memoirs and published perhaps the first book written by a rapper. "The Ice Opinion" demonstrated his views on music, gangsterism, contained his childhood and youth memories, ideas and dreams. In the tradition of madonnovskoy novel "Sex" book it was in fact nothing more than a common eccentricity in order to entertain their fans. error status: 400In it, he spoke out against the domination of the eastern (mainly New York) rap tycoons, whose albums are multi-platinum because they are from the East Coast. Clarifying, he called them " Jewish mazafakerami who did not know shit. " His sixth album he called a return to the roots, in the style of the early entry Ice-T,he had long wanted to do. This is pure hip- hop, which has now become a rarity. It does not have the modern bells and whistles, and it is his plus and minus at the same time. It may not be the most successful and revolutionary of his drive, but his worst albums will always be much more than the worst albums of other rap artists. error status: 400He conducts extensive campaign against drugs and violence. In addition, at the request of various media occasionally shares her thoughts on the relations between the West and the East Coast. This war he calls the result of zeal for rappers who do not have a decent contract, to the more fortunate colleagues.error status: 400when they do not even know each other ? As for the acting career Aissa, its revival has occurred only since the early 90s. When he first proposed to play a cop in the film "New Jack City", it is clearly embarrassed and feared for his indignation rap fans. But daring to do so and supported by friends, he not only gained new fanserror status: 400that the role of a large kangaroo in this picture, he trampled the honor and image of the rapper. When proznal that Ice-T received a 800,000 "green", and he shut up after a dumb scene cool swore and said that for that kind of money he is willing to do shit, and worse. Do not forget about the movie ,1997 Ice founded his record label, Coroner Records under the wing of PolyGram. Like any grandfather (even young grandfather rap) , he wants to have a lot of grandchildren, to support beginners rappers give them a foothold and be proud of their achievements. His new album, he also plans to release on his own label. At this stage of his work Ice-T I am sure, making rap for quite mature people who are over 25, are not detached from real life, and probably had the last contact with the FBI or the police. Ice has grown together with his audience and not the 18 -year-old hot guy Silencing vodka and shooting from the corner at anything that moves. He is a married man and loves his Darlene. But also do not forget that this man once said : "Every fucking thing I write, is going to be analyzed by somebody white" and not yet retracted his words.

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