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Citizenship : United States

BiographyThis American progressive group founded in 1992 by two people : the keyboardist and vocalist Josh Pincus and guitarist Jimmy Pappas. Josh began to study the piano with 6 years, and then he played in the school orchestra.

As a youth, Pincus seriously interested in rock music, the most impression on him made a "Rush". Jimmy was born in Greece ,and I began playing guitar in 1980. Being European, Pappas was an admirer of such commands as "Deep purple", "Rainbow", "Thin Lizzy" and "Pink Floyd". At the age of 18 years, Jimmy moved to the States, where he was able to get acquainted with the American style of performance. There he was influenced by such musicians as Steve Morse, Jeff Beck ,Sean Neil and George Lynch.

After trying his hand at various styles, in 1989, Pappas collected his first team of Greek compatriots, but it did not last long. So, in 1992, Josh and Jimmy have made the first attempts of making music together. By the way, while their project is not called "Ice age", and "Monolith".The guys did a number of records together, and the next year increasing the number of puzzled the group.

Ice ageV result is not very long search they were able to acquire a valuable frame named Hal Aponte. Same as Josh, an ardent fan of "Rush",Hal with 13 years began banging on pots and pans, and as soon as possible sat down at the drum kit. The first group Aponte was "Stages", which played their own progress as well as covers of "Rush", "Triumph" and "Yes". Hal then moved to "The lost souls", performing music a la "Mercyful fate", and in 1991m fell to treshevikam of "Cold steel". However, after listening to a demo, offered him a couple of " monoliths ", he realized that his calling - progressive. The last team came in the youngest (17 years) of its members bassist Disezare Arron, who came to New York from Boston.

Now that the structure was fully staffed ,Pincus has decided to improve their vocal skills, and in 1994 took a series of lessons from the leader of "T.N.T." Tony Harnell. Quartet took several years to get their first contract. The musicians recorded a sufficient number of demos, but only in 1998 they were able to penetrate the roof of the label "Magna Carta", which is specialized in the pro-music.

IceageKstati, that`s when the band changed its name to "Ice age", as it turned out, that one "Monolith" has long since exist. The first album the band released in 1999. "The great divide" was done very well, and sometimes reminded of creation "Kansas", "Dream theater", "Rush" and the "Magellan".Released two years later, "Liberation" is not inferior in quality to its predecessor. By the way, this album was a link - composition "To say goodbye", divided into two parts. Unfortunately, after the release of second album for "Ice age" really came " Ice Age. "

Even before the release of "Liberation" Disezare left the team ,and bass guitar passed to Doug Odell. The team had started working on new material, but the progress is very slow. The situation then deteriorated leaving Aponte. A suitable drummer for a long time could not be found, and only in the spring of 2003 for the drumkit put 15 -year-old Mike Furies. But,about further movements in the "Ice age" since there was little heard.

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