Ian Blair

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Citizenship: United Kingdom


If someone knows and British police from A to Z, it`s Sir Ian Blair, the new head of Scotland Yard. Namesake of the British prime minister from a simple constable in London`s Soho district blighted rose to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, the chief of police rank Britain. 51-year-old Blair, we can say the most extraordinary chief of police forces of the United Kingdom. After college, he continued his education at Harvard University, USA and the University of Oxford in Britain and received a doctorate in ... English language and literature. In 1974, however, he joined the Metropolitan Police as applied his philological and literary knowledge and could not. But since then he has steadily climbed up the corporate ladder police. Already in 1985 he became the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Police Department in the London area Kentishtaun, In 1998 - the chief constable (chief) Surrey Police, and in 2000 - Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis. Author of several books on criminology. In Blair`s wife and two children. But the hobby - a hobby to match education - theater in the first place, and only then tennis and skiing.