Iakov Veynshtok

Picture of Iakov Veynshtok

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Class 4 Municipal school, worked as a clerk in a private firm in Petrograd. Since December 1918, the Red Army - infantry battalion served as a clerk in Vologda. The bodies of the Cheka in May 1919. In 1919-1922. served in special departments in the north and Ukraine (the head of the special item GS 6th Army in Kotlas, deputy chief of GS Northern Dvina flotilla and Belomorian Navy Chief Information Branch GS 14th Army, Chief of GS 41 th, 44 th and 24 th infantry division, Head of the 1st and 2nd of the special department of the Kyiv GS IN). Since 1922, in counterintelligence ipogranichnyh troops - Assistant Chief of the AOC and the head of section of the protection of the embassy of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR on the borders of the Right-Bank Ukraine, since 1923, after the appointment of EG Yevdokimov // GPU GPU envoy in the North Caucasus - Assistant Chief KRO, Assistant and Deputy Chief of the Border Guard and Inspector GPU troops, the head of the administrative and organizational management of the embassy of the OGPU in the CCM. During the purge of the Party in 1921, was excluded as an "intellectual", in 1926, he joined the party on a common basis, the decision of the Control Commission of the North-Caucasian Regional Party organization partstazh former was restored. From 1930 he worked in the central apparatus of the NKVD -nachalnik administrative department of administrative and organizational control, while the chief of the border security by the Main Directorate of Border Guard and troops, Deputy Head of the Central School of the OGPU, Assistant Chief of the Main Police Inspectorate. Since August 1931 the OGPU -upravlyayuschy chores, while chairman of the Troops of the cooperative. Since 1933 Deputy Head of the Department of the OGPU personnel to July 1934 - Head of the NKVD and the staff GUGB sector (with October 1934 - Division) NKVD personnel, at the same time head of the Central School of the NKVD (March 1933-October 1936 ).. 1) After coming to the leadership of the new Commissar - Yezhov relieved of his post and appointed chief of the 10 th (prison) department GUGB NKVD.

From April 1938 - Deputy People`s Commissar of Water Transport of the USSR. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star (1937), 2 signs "Honorary worker Cheka-GPU"

Arrested on November 25 (on the other. According to the 21 September) in 1938 was shot by sentence of ECCU USSR February 23, 1939 was rehabilitated in 1957