Iakov Golovatskiy

Picture of Iakov Golovatskiy

Date of Birth: 10/17/1814

Age: 73

Place of birth: a. Chepeli

Citizenship: Russia


The son of the Uniate priest. He graduated from Lviv University (1841). Since 1848 - Professor of the Little Russian language and literature, then rector of Lviv University. Literary and scientific activities Golovatsky began in the middle. 30s. Walking bypassed Galicia and Transcarpathia, I studied the life and the life of the people, its folklore. Together with writers Shashkevych M. and I. Ivan Vahylevych was a pioneer of the new Russian literature in Galicia, which was under the yoke of Austria-Hungary. Delivered with original and translated poems in the anthology "Dnistrova Mermaid" (1837). In 1846 in the collection "Vinok Rusyns on dozhinki" published 20 Serbian songs translated into the Little Russian language. In the works of 30-40th Golovatsky he promoted the idea of ??the unity of the Russian people, fought for the development of literature in the native language. In the 50`s became close Golovatsky Slavophiles, later he became a consistent Orthodox monarchist. After 1867 he moved to Russia. From the heritage particularly valuable he collected "Folk songs and Galician Ugric Rus" ( "Narodni pisni Galitskoi i Ugorskoi Rusi." Bk. 1-4, 1878).

After Golovatskii left many diverse content works - poems, literary works with the content of people`s life (. Under the pseudonym Jacek Balagura), Article historical, archaeological, bibliographic, ethnographic, philological. The best known are: "Rosprava about language South Russian" (1849), "Russian Grammar" (1849), "Readings Church Slavonic and Old" (1854), "Essay on the mythology" (1860), "On the literary and intellectual movement of Rusyns" (1865), "Carpathian Rus` (1875)," Supplement to the essay Slavic-Russian bibliography Undolskogo "," Memories of Ivan Vahylevych "(" Kievan antiquity