Iakov Golos

Picture of Iakov Golos

Date of Birth: 04/30/1889

Age: 54

Citizenship: Russia


Sentenced to 8 years in prison, which was replaced by him as a minor, on eternal settlement. In the 1908- 1910 biennium. was in Siberia (Yakut lips.), from where he fled to Japan. In 1910-1912 gg. lived in Japan and China, then I moved to America.

He worked in the print shop, he was one of the organizers of the aid for political prisoners in Russia. From 1915 - member of the American Socialist Party, it belonged to the left wing. In 1917-1919 gg. He worked in California in various firms for the collection and packaging of fruit. In 1919 he traveled to Soviet Russia and became a member of the RCP (B).

With the consent of the Central Committee of the RCP (b) was back in the United States. One of the founders of the CPUSA in the 1919-1921 biennium. in charge of the printing press in New York, In 1922-1923. - At the party work in the Central Committee of the American Communist Party. In the years 1923 -1926. - Secretary-chairman of the technical assistance of the USSR Society in New York. In 1926, he went to the Soviet Union. Newly admitted to the CPSU (B) in July 1926 on the recommendation of the US leader KP Charles Rutenberg and the representative of the ECCI in the CP USA Dzh. Pepper "has worked in the Kuzbass business manager at the head office of the Autonomous Industrial Colony" Kuzbass "(Kemerovo), and then head of the department of technology and the rationalization of the newspaper "Moscow News" in Moscow. Two years later, the US Communist Party secretary Jay Lovestone asked to return YA.N voice as he had a significant impact on the Russian workers in the United States.

Since 1930 YN Voice collaborated with INO OGPU. It was the first operator GB Hovakimyan. Documentation of operational relations between him and the ISE OGPU was held in January 1933. During this period, maintained contact with him ISE Corporate illegal "Hardy".

The voice took out passports of different countries for illegal immigrants ISE and the Comintern in the mid-1930s. Voice (alias "Sound") headed by a travel agency "World tourist", which served as his cover. Through this agency the right people were transported to the USSR. In addition, the company at one time used to transfer money from the US Communist Party of the USSR. As a member of the Spanish Aid Committee, Voice used his company to send volunteers in Spain who were chosen with the active participation of the CPUSA This activity attracted the attention of the FBI.

In 1935, he sent his wife and son in the Soviet Union, where the spouse YN Voters in 1937 received the citizenship of the USSR.

In November 1937 YN The voice on the orders of the Resident ISE PD Gutzeit with someone else`s name on your passport secretly visited Moscow, where he met with the head of the ISE GUGB AA Slutsky.

In 1939, the FBI searched the premises of the company "World tourist". The formal reason for this was a violation of the law "On the registration of foreign agents": travel agency receives from the "Intourist" money on advertising tourism in the USSR. YN The voice had to appear before a grand jury (the Federal Court). Fearing for agent residency delivered to Moscow the withdrawal of "Sound" from the United States. However, leave the Voice refused. The center also did not insist on his departure. At trial YA.N Voice pleaded guilty to violating the law and was sentenced to imprisonment for up to 12 months of probation and fined 1000dollarov.

Breaking the conspiracy, YN The voice began to live since 1940 with its connected Elizabeth Bentley ( "Good"), so that she knew about his activities much more than she was supposed to. Therefore, she was able to tell a lot about the FBI.

November 27, 1943 "Sound" was presented P.M.Fitinym to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Intelligence Chief Commissar wrote GB V.N.Merkulovu:

"T. VOTE ... proved as devoted to our cause people. Well knowing the situation in the host country, ie. VOICE aggressively and successfully overcame the great difficulties encountered in the implementation of urgent tasks of the NKVD-NKGB USSR. Tov. VOICE is characterized by skillful approach to people and initiative. He worked not only as a gunner, installer and group leader, but also as a recruiter, and has drawn to our work a number of individuals who are valuable sources of political and economic information. "

However, the November 25, 1943 "Sound" has died of a heart attack at Bentley headquarters in New York, in connection with which the award was not held.