Iakov Berednikov

Picture of Iakov Berednikov

Date of Birth: 07/10/1793

Age: 60

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Son Tikhvin merchant; Higher education in Kazan and Moscow University, where he studied under the guidance of Russian history Kachenovsky. Without it consisted in the civil service. Settled in Tikhvin, found the access to the monastery archive, enthusiastically took up his analysis of and addicted to archeographic classes. In 1830 it was designated a committee of the Board of the Academy of Sciences and attached to the Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition PM Stroyev. Traveling with him to Russia, Berednikov was the most active member of his Review of archives and libraries, for cheating and collecting ancient acts. Upon returning from the trip, he was appointed member of the Commission for the publication of the collected instruments (1834). In 1835, it was identified as a librarian at the Department of Education, in 1841 he was elected assistant professor at the Academy of Sciences. The main lesson Berednikova focused, however, until the end of his life in the Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition. In the rank of chief of the commission editor (since 1838), he began to publish a complete collection of chronicles and managed to publish until 1854, the first six volumes; they started what was to finish VII AF Bychkov. In 1835 Berednikovu was entrusted inspection of the Imperial Public Library, and the library of the Rumyantsev Museum and the Hermitage Academy of Sciences, in order to replenish the meeting expedition acts; the following year was published under his editorship, the first volume of this collection under the title "Acts of the Archaeological and Ethnographic Expedition", referring to the years 1294 - 1598. Two years later, were published under his editorship of the same, in one volume, "Legal Acts" or " Collection of ancient forms of administration. " In 1840 he published an essay Kotoshikhin: "On Russia in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich", with the index of contents and a list of old words. From 1846 to 1853 Berednikov was busy, with a member of the Commission Korkunov, the publication "Supplement to the Acts of the historic", I -. V t he actively helped PM Stroyev in addition directory monastery abbots and bishops from the XIV to XVIII century, took part in the editing of the Academy published "Russian Dictionary" and in the last years of his life collecting materials for the regional Great Dictionary. His extraordinary industriousness show 300 reports zasedaniyaharheograficheskoy Commission: almost every report mentions Berednikove or leads his reviews of works on Russian history, or reports about he read manuscripts, or the conclusion of the plan chronicles publications, acts, etc. According to the.. PA Pletnev, all 24 years old when Berednikov acted as a member of the expedition Archaeography first, and then the commission, and academician, he was always thinking about the country`s history and its different branches devoted tireless its activities. -.. See "Proceedings of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", ie III, wherein Pletnev placed a note on Academician Frenkel Berednikove; Barsukov, "Life and Works PM Stroyev"; "Reports about the activities and publications Archaeographic Commission for twenty-five years of its existence" (SPb., 1860).