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Year of birth : 1979

Age: 36 years

Place of birth : Minnesota

Citizenship : United States


Despite the fact that the "Husker Du" started out as a hardcore band, their music elements of folk inexplicably appeared, sixties pop-rock, psychedelia and even blues (thoughcarefully hidden under a thick layer of aggression and guitar of feedback) , and thrash rhythm successfully in harmony with melodic.

Behind all the uniqueness of this remarkable talent hiding the main composers of the group, guitarist Bob Mould and drummer Grant Hart. The style approach have been different (first sought to do something violent ,and the second more than fascinated tunes) , but this did not prevent them to work together and produce music that influenced the next generation of alternative service and pop pankerov.

It all began in the late 80s when the then student Mould met the seller records Hart. In men, there were common tastes as "Ramones",and so they decided to put together his own band. In aid of them came bassist Greg Norton and keyboardist Charlie Pine, but the latter did not have time to play a couple of concerts and as it put out the door. Thus, the composition of "Husker Du" has acquired a trio format, and remained unchanged throughout the further career. Husker Du The first time the team sliced primal hardcore clubs in his native Minneapolis, but nothing much happened until the boys were not opening for "Blag Flag".

Since then, the public has begun to show increased interest to them, and in 1981 on the label, Terry Katzman "Reflex Records" came out of the first single. What followed were traveling on US cities and villages, and in January 1982, the firm " chernoflazhnika " Greg Jinnah "SST Records" released their debut album, "Land Speed Record", recorded in live performance. A year later the light appeared studiynik "Everything Falls Apart", retained the hardcore sound of its predecessor concert. Changes in sound began a little later, when I came out EP "Metal Circus", where it was possible to catch the tunes (especially in songs, performed by Hart) . Finally in July 1984, "SST Reords" released the most significant work "Husker Du", double "Zen Arcade" concept album. Here musicians unfolded in full force and prepared the same cocktail for which they fell in love with the people.

Husker Du Work continued in the chosen direction, and the following year the band released a couple of albums made in a similar manner. "SST" raneepechatavshaya circulation not more than a thousand copies,no longer cope with the task to meet the demand for products "Husker Du", so the band decided to leave on the major label "Warner Bros". Many were accused of selling the team, but the team has signed a contract with the preservation of creative freedom and thus pointed the way for other indie bands such as "Sonic Youth".On "Warner" the band released two albums (one double), both releases were warmly received by critics and were popular mainly on college radio.

Meanwhile, within the team situation I was not very good : Hart stuck on heroin and drugs nepriemlyuschy Mould simply booze. Their egos are increasingly unable to find common ground, and when the manager "Husker Du" graduated from suicide, and Bob tried to take power into their own hands, all went awry. In support of the "Warehouse: Songs And Stories" team still played the last tour, but after the concert was announced its dissolution.

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