Huseyn Gakaev

Picture of Huseyn Gakaev

Place of birth: Elistanji

Citizenship: Russia


Hussein Vahaevich Gakaev (Gakin Vahini Husayn) was born in the village of Elistanji Vedeno district of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1970. The family had six brothers Gakayevs (Hussein was the fourth) and a few sisters. According to some reports, among the ancestors Gakaev were Chechens and Arabs.

Gakaev and his brothers involved in both wars that took place in the 1990s and 2000s in Chechnya. During the war of 1994-1996 was a member of Gakaev units of the armed forces of the Central Front the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI). Then the older brothers were killed Dzhamalay Hussein and Said-Usman. Two brothers Gakayevs were killed during the second war in the early 2000s: in 2001, died Hassan Gakaev, the third oldest of the brothers Gakayevs (after his death column of federal forces took hostage in Elistanji about twenty of his closest relatives, including the elderly and children, but at the exit from the village was encircled and had to release all the hostages), in 2003, killed the youngest of the brothers Gakayevs Rizwan. Subsequently, in 2006, he was kidnapped by unknown and according to official data was missing one of the sisters Gakaev Manzha.

Hussein himself Gakaev with his brother Muslim in the first half of the 2000s, according to press reports, he participated in operations primarily in the area of ??his native village. Thus, according to one report in 2002, at which time the brothers Gakayevs detachment was directly Elistanji; It was argued that this detachment was on bad terms with foreign mercenaries involved in the war on the side of the Separatists. In August 2003, Elistanji detachment Gakaev for cooperation with the authorities and opposition to Wahhabism was killed the mufti of the Vedeno district Shaiman Madagov (at which time the detachment Gakaev already included several Arab mercenaries, including well-known mercenary, later destroyed by the federal troops, Abu al Walid). In 2005, it was reported that Gakaev squad tried to oblige Elistanji residents pay a monthly amount for the maintenance of the separatists. It is also known that for a long time admitted Gakaev separatists "Amir Jamaat Elistanji village."

However, according to some reports, Gakayevs squad and made forays into composition boleekrupnyh formations. In particular, in June 2004 Gakaev group participated in the attack on the Ingush capital of Nazran and several others Ingush settlements, killing over a hundred people.

In the mid-2000s it reported Gakaev proximity to one of the main rebel leaders Shamil Basayev (in some sources claimed that Gakaev was formerly personal bodyguard notorious terrorist). As of 2004, Hussein and Muslim Gakayev were among the few separatists, who were able to communicate with Basayev personally [50]. In 2006, Basayev was killed by federal forces, after which the brothers took Gakayev "patronage" over them to set up a special battalion of suicide bombers "Riyad-us-Salikhiyn" ( "Gardens of the righteous"). In the same period Gakaev was deputy commander, and then (June 2006), commander of the Islamic Brigade "Jundullah" as part of the Eastern Front.

In the spring of 2006, President of CRI Abdul-Halim Sadulayev on the proposal Basayev Gakaev appointed commander of the Eastern Front mountainous Shali sector (in September of the same year, the front has been transformed into South-East), directed military operations on the territory of the Shali and Vedeno districts of Chechnya.

March 7, 2007, Doku Umarov, who became president of the CRI after Sadulaeva death Gakaev appointed interior minister in the new government of separatists. In May 2007, on the recommendation of the Commander of the South-Eastern Front Aslanbek Vadalov Umarov appointed Gakaev as deputy commander of the South-Eastern Front (3 October South-Eastern Front was re-converted to the Eastern Front) until the summer of 2010 Gakaev supervised Shali Mining, Shali flat , Argun and Ataginsky front sectors.

After the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate, Umarov, designed to combine the various separatist movements of the Caucasian peoples, October 7, 2007 Gakaev was appointed interior minister in the government of the Chechen Emirate divisions - "vazirate Nokhchicho Province (Ichkeria)."

In the summer of 2008 on the separatist website "Kavkaz-Center" was published Gakaev appeal, in which he stated that "all the Mujahideen to a single" pleased with the decision Umarov on the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate, as it united the struggle of the Chechen jamaat with Jamaats other Caucasian regions. In addition, Gakaev very sharply responded about supporters in the UK prominent figure separatist Akhmed Zakayev, who did not recognize the decision Umarov and formed their own government.

In the late 2000s, appearing in the press regularly reports on clashes in which the squad was allegedly Gakaev. Representatives of the militants with alleged that during the previous two years, it has become much easier to fight, because in fact no longer necessary to hide in the mountains and it was possible to find in the villages gakaevtsev.

According to the law enforcement bodies of Chechnya, Gakaev was directly involved in the high-profile death in December 2008, the family of the former head of administration of the village of Vedeno district Agishty Haji Sadulaeva. According to the militants, these killings were in retaliation for what Sadullayev a few years before that brought the police to the three members of the group Muslim Gakaev.

In July-September 2009, in Chechnya, a series of explosions, organized by suicide bombers. At the same time, as it turned out, they were part of a detachment Gakaev Hussein. In September 2009, two suicide attacks were prevented in Moscow, and according to law enforcement officials, two detained in the case of terrorists prepared Gakaev and was involved in a number of major terrorist attacks militant Alexander Tikhomirov, known as Said Buryat. At the same time, the president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov stated the need to "as soon as possible to find Gakayevs brothers using all the power and capacity of security agencies and destroy them on the spot." In autumn 2009, the Interior forces killed several close associates Gakaev, but he survived.

July 24, 2010 on the website "Kavkaz-Center", it was reported that Umarov appointed Vadalov his naib (successor) and Gakaev - valiem (governor) Nokhchicho Province (Ichkeria) of the Caucasus Emirate. A few days later, in early August, the Internet has spread a video in which Umarov resigned from the post of head of the Emirate, but then the leader of the separatists and has published a refutation, calling previous statement fabricated. In response to this Vadalov and Gakaev announced that refuse from the previously given his oath of subordination and out of Umarov.

At the end of August 2010 squad, apparently headed by Hussein Gakaev (although some sources mention in this regard, his brother), she made a daring attack on Kadyrov`s native village of Tsentoroi, which at the time was himself the Chechen president. After that Kadyrov has appointed a reward of ten million rubles for information about Gakayeva, Vadalov and other organizers of the attack (later head of the Republic stated that the attack on Tsentoroi stood Zakayev, who, along with Gakaev initiated this sortie, to attract attention).

In September 2010, Umarov announced the demotion Gakayev, Vadalov and other commanders who came out of his subordination and the need to give them a Sharia court. In response to this, in the same month, Chechen field commanders, to withdraw the oath to Umarov, recreated the "majlis", virtually destroyed in the previous years, a military body in which decisions could be taken by voting, and who had the right to replace the "amir", and elected its new leader Gakaev. Last in the messages was named commander of the armed forces and the Majlis-Shura of CRI and Chechen amir (Nokhchicho). His naib was appointed warlord Tarhan Gaziyev. In October 2010, "the State Committee of Defense - Shura Majlis," led by Gakaev Zakayev has been recognized and that therefore dismissed he created in 2007 the Government.

The separatist sources Gakaev appeared as Amir Hussain and Amir Mansour. According to some reports, he had the call sign "Dunga" (according to other sources, the call belonged to his brother Muslim). The same call was and is one of the older brothers Gakayevs Hassan.

The only surviving brother Hussein Gakaev Muslim from May 2007 he was deputy commander of the Eastern Front and led the fighting in his Shali mining sector, according to some estimates, almost half his squad consisted of Russian. In August 2009, one of the Chechen television aired a story in which he asserted that the Muslim Gakaev throughout most of the 2000s, was an agent of national security services, although later broke with them.