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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Place of birth : Virginia, USA

Citizenship : United States


The first albums were released albums in 2000 and Hurt The Consumation in 2003, songs from these albums can be found in large albums and album The Consumation ,It was re-recorded as the The Re-Consumation in 2008.

Hurt - alternative band formed in 2000 in Virginia, but now they live in Los Angeles, California, USA. The group consists of : lead singer Jay Lauren Vince, guitarist Paul Spatola, and drummer Evan Johns. Bassist Josh Ansley left the band in April 2008, for personal reasons ,Rivers was replaced by Moore (former bassist Leo) in May 2008.

The first albums were released albums in 2000 and Hurt The Consumation in 2003, songs from these albums can be found in large albums and album The Consumation, it was overwritten as the The Re-Consumation in 2008.


Jay Jay Singer Vince Lauren Lauren Vince was born in Baltimore ,Maryland August 25, 1981. Soon he moved to Virginia, he lived in a remote district of Halifax. Later he moved to Culpeper, and enrolled in Germanna Community College when he was 14. His parents forbade him to listen to rock`n`roll, and forced to engage in classical music. He studied classical violin and started playing music very early. Vince says that the greatest influence exerted on him by Antonio Vivaldi.

Evan Jones Evan Jones, Hurt drummer, son of the famous rock producer Andy Johns, who is very well known associated with Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Van Halen. Evan grew up in LosAngeles and I started playing drums early. Together with his famous father, Evan is also the nephew of music producer Glyn Johns (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who and others.) And cousin Efana Jones (son of Clay) (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams, and others.)

Paul Spatola Paul Spatola, guitarist Hurt, was born in Brooklyn (New York) but then I moved to New Jersey. He played the piano with 5 years. He played in the school band Social Butterfly Hurt one of the founders of the group, bassist Josh Ansley.

Rivers Rivers Moore

Moore, bassist Hurt group grew up in St. Louis (Missouri) . Colin Greenwood (Radiohead), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Adam Clayton (U2).For him, these guys know when to play and when not to. Rivers began playing bass at age 16, it was his first and only choice of a musical instrument, saying that playing the bass guitar - it`s a different way of thinking than playing on a conventional guitar, which was more important stumbling block to him. Before joining the Hurt,Rivers was 2 groups : in Semidivine 3 years and 4 years at Leo. Of these, he left because he did not feel anyone who was put to music and performed as well as he said, " when you line up all in a line, you want the other guys did as well. I`ve always been very, very moving. And when I felt that I was pulled down ,I did not have problems to escape. "

During that how Leo toured with Hurt, Rivers has decided to leave the band Leo. Josh announced his decision to retire from Hurt, to pursue an acting career. After the tour he booked a ticket to Los Angeles to one side to listen to the group. Rivers said that Hurt music group is deep, and the guys are real.This was the main motive of the desire to join the group. In May 2008, the group said it will replace the previous Rec bassist Josh Ansley, and confirmed that it will have a permanent bassist. The first performance took place on the River with Hurt May 2, 2008 in Johnson City, Tenn.



Jay Lauren Vince - vocals, guitar, violin, banjo (2000 -present) Paul Spatola- main guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, Good (2004 -present)

Rivers Moore - bass (2008 -present)

Evan Jones - drums, keyboards (2004- present)


Steven Fletcher - bass (2000-2004)

Josh Ansley - bass, backing vocals (2004-2008)

Wil Kvontans - drums (2000-2004

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