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Melodic rock band " Hurricane " was born in the mid- 80s thanks to the efforts of younger brothers musicians from "star" composition "Quiet riot", Robert Sarzeau (guitar) and Tony Cavaso (bass) .

At the initial stage the team was completed by drummer - Englishman John Shearer and singer John " Wordie " Ward. For a time there was a team in a quintet, but stay a second guitarist Michael Guy in "Hurricane" was very short-lived (later Guy worked in the "House of lords").By the end of 1984, the group also went Shearer and Ward, but on vacant seats recruited Jay Shelley (drums) and Kelly Hansen (vocals) .

Rather than produce a variety of demos and push through them to record labels, musicians made a cunning move. Together with producer Kevin Beamish they independently recorded the EP "Take what you want",and only then it was attached to the firm "Greenworld".

HurricaneV Europe for the distribution of the album took a "Roadrunner", and due to this fact in the group drew attention to figures from the "Enigma records" (unit "Capitol records"). The label reissued "Take what you want" and sent "Hurricane" in the American tour opening for "Stryper".Finally in 1988 it came up to their debut full length. Company rasstaralas and make available to the musicians of the two known producers, Blade Mike and Bob Ezrin. This approach worked very well, and the album is located on the 92 th position in the "Billboard". A composition "I`m on to you", published single, landed in the national Top 40. Despite the relative success, in 1989, he left the band Robert Sarzeau. For some time he is replaced by Carlos Cavaso of the collapsed "Quiet riot", and then moved on to guitar Doug Aldrich. The album "Slave to the thrill" did not contain anything interesting, except, perhaps, the cover, on which was depicted naked girl. HurricanePo return from a tour in support of the album "Hurricane" were surprised to find that the "Enigma" bankrupt. And while musicians with "Capitol records" remained the common interest, the parties failed to reach an agreement, and the band was left without a contract. The situation was complicated by the fact that with the advent of grunge for melodic rock fell on hard timesAnd in the end, the team was disbanded. Kelly Hansen and Jay Shellen were active in musical activities in the coming years, and at the beginning of the new millennium, the numerous requests of fans revived the "Hurricane". The place of publication of the new album, they chose the Italian label "Frontier records".The new configuration group is now looked like this: Hansen (vocals, guitar) , Shelley (drums) , Larry Antonio (bass) and Sean Manning (guitar) . "Liquifury" album, released this lineup was the best release of the "Hurricane" in their entire history.

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