Humphrey Gilbert

Picture of Humphrey Gilbert

Date of Birth: 1539

Age: 44

Place of birth: Devonshire

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Born in Devonshire. Educated at Eton and Oxford, in 1559 he entered the military service. In 1563 he served in the British army in France. In 1566 he went to Ireland as captain Henry Sydney army, later received the rank of colonel. While Gilbert longed to open the Northwest Passage and 1566 unsuccessfully requested Queen Elizabeth an expedition. His famous petition course to open a new passage to Cathay (Discourse of a Discoverie for a New Passage to Cataia, 1576) was useful English navigator Martin Frobisher, later tried to find this passage, and other researchers in the Arctic.

Gilbert Family members have claims to land in Munster (Ireland), and wanted to create a center where English colonization. To carry out land alienation of the Irish rebels, Gilbert was appointed governor of Munster in 1569. In 1570 he was awarded a knighthood for services in Ireland, and a year later became a member of the House of Commons from Plymouth and actively supported the policies of the Queen. Grateful Elizabeth appointed him inspector general of cavalry, artillery and weapons arsenals in England. In 1572 a secret order of the Queen Gilbert at the head of 1,500 people went to the Netherlands to assist in the war with Spain.

In 1577 Gilbert presented a plan to the queen, entitled How to Her Majesty may annoy the King of Spain. It was proposed to send a large number of ships in the Newfoundland and seize Spanish fishing fleet there. The following year, Gilbert was ordered to establish a colony in the New World. Expedition of 1578-1579 was not a success, because due to the stormy weather ships had to return to England.

To find the money for a new expedition, Gilbert started selling land is not yet an existing colony, in which he was promoted younger half-brother. Faithful friend Walter Raleigh gave the ship and helped get the permission of the Queen. On five ships had on board 260 people, Gilbert June 11, 1583 came from Plymouth, and August 3 came to the shores of o.Nyufaundlend, where he founded a small colony of St. John`s. On the flotilla of three ships Gilbert attempted to explore the coast south of St. John`s. During this journey the largest ship was lost, and with the remaining two, he decided to return to England. Gilbert himself was sailing on a smaller boat "Squirrel" with a displacement of only 10 T. Gilbert died in a shipwreck during a storm off the coast of the Azores 9 September 1583.