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Biography"Huey Lewis and the News" for a short time were able to turn the restaurant into one of the team`s most successful pop - rock bands of America. With its unpretentious rock `n ` roll they nashtampovali many hits such as "Workin` for a Livin`", "I Want a New Drug", "The Heart of Rock & Roll", "Hip to Be Square", "The Power of Love ". Hugh Lewis (vocals ,harmonica) and Sean Hopper (keyboards) in the early 70`s played in a country - rock band "Clover".

From San Francisco band moved to London, where he was buried under the surging wave of punk. Hugh and Sean returned to the United States gathered a new team, which also included Johnny Colla (saxophone, guitar), Bill Gibson (percussion) Mario Chippolino (bass) and Chris Hayes (guitar) . The original name "Huey Lewis and the American Express" was soon changed to "Huey Lewis and the News".

In 1980, the group signed a contract with "Chrysalis records" and released their debut album, very few people are interested. The second movement, called "Picture this" proved to be more successful and the composition "Do you believe in love", written by a former producer of "Clover" by Robert John Lange, got the better American top ten. On the plate there were two more hit gizmos, "Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do" and "Workin` for a Livin`".The album itself spent in the charts "Billboard" 35 weeks, reaching the 13th line.

Huey Lewis and The NewsChtoby consolidate the success of the team went on tour. Interest in the team grew, and musicians were invited to participate in various shows like "Fridays", "Solid Gold", "American

" The next album ,." Sports ", Bandstandalso nice to start and slowly but surely reached multi-platinum status. This is due to the intense touring and constant rotation of a few clips had broken through on MTV. Songs of "Heart and Soul", "I Want a New Drug", "The Heart of Rock & Roll" and "If This Is It" all were in the top ten, and the album in June 1984-He topped the charts of "Billboard". Meanwhile, "Huey Lewis and the News" went to travel with concerts along the way collecting all sorts of prizes and awards.

For example, in 1985 the band opened the ceremony "Grammy Awards" with his song "The Heart of Rock and Roll", and the song "The Power of Love",sounded in the movie " Back to the Future " and won first place in the American charts, was nominated for " Oscar ". Released in 1986 the album "Fore" is again on the top of the charts billbordovskih and "Huey Lewis and the News" continued to collect the greatest concert halls. The total circulation of their albums at the time exceeded 15million mark.

Huey Lewis and The NewsPochuvstvovav dizzy with success, the musicians reshii rest and returned to the studio in 1988. This time, they moved away from good old rock and roll and was given a mix of jazz, funk, reggae and ska, materialized in the form of "Small world".Changing the style is not to affect the circulation of the plate. Although the drive is still held up to " platinum ", but much inferior to his two predecessors. The tendency of the creative slump continued, and after a nondescript album "Hard at Play" ensemble tried to stay afloat by releasing the record "Four Chords and Several Years Ago",consisting of some covers. However, the moment was lost, and now the team earned a living by occasional concerts.

During this period there was a change of bassist (it was John Pierce) , and cooperation has been involved horn section "News Brothers", which consisted of Marvin McFadden, Ron Stallings, and Rob Saddata. Record another plate with new material musicians it succeeded only in 2001. The CD "Plan B" Lewis and the company returned to their rock and roll roots, and even though the disc has not taken any position on the charts, but the quality of work is not much inferior to the period of "Fore" and "Sports".

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