Picture of Hue

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

American label for the young in body and spirit

For the project ,is focusing on young people, time is the worst enemy - not everyone`s forces stay in the stream and not to lose contact with the ever-changing tastes of their audience. Some, however, do it - so the label `HUE` successfully pleases its customers with new stylish leggings and stockings for 3 decades.

The project `HUE` was established in NewYork more than 30 years ago ; stood at its origins the artist put into his creation so much effort and energy that the relevance of his label has not lost to this day - even now it remains one of the brightest and most interesting contemporary labels. Stylish and bright tights leggings ,ultra-light stockings and socks is quite ordinary - if you want to give your feet the most striking and unusual appearance, the label `HUE` fit just perfect. The company carefully follows the latest fashion news and trends, but very seriously not one of them - in the end, it is lightweight,discreet and cheerful approach helped the company succeed.

Currently the label `HUE` is considered one of the leading labels for the sale of hosiery throughout the country ; label products are sold in major retail chains.

In 2003, the company began the release of the laundry ; at the moment they are actively developing pajamas line, Nightwear and intimate lingerie. The company is constantly evolving and regularly brings new ideas and experimenting with unconventional styles. Headquartered `HUE` is now in New York (New York City) - hence the ever convenient to keep track of the freshest fashion decisions and analyze the latest trends. `HUE` owned by an American corporation ` Kayser-Roth`; production and distribution of products is carried out mostly in North Carolina (North Carolina).

In the spring of 2010 `HUE` opened its first branded retail store ; in addition to the already well-known hosiery, there were sold jewelry, handbags and sunglasses. Shop `HUE Studio` was another demonstration of the fact that even famous for its brand of innovative thinking is always something to surprise and delight even the familiar to all buyers.

The project `HUE DNA` was another experiment of the company;This at first glance, the youth brand all of a sudden came to taste and relatively adults. The highlight of the brand has become a unique opportunity to feel like a young soul, regardless of biological age and ability. Masters of the company are suitable for the chosen cause - finding new ways to amaze and surprise shoppers - with vigor deserves respect ; there is no doubt that in the future the project `HUE` again and again surprise their fans.

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