Huary Bumedien

Picture of Huary Bumedien

Date of Birth: 08/23/1927

Age: 51

Place of Birth: near Guelma

Nationality: Algeria


Born into a peasant family. He studied in Tunis, in 1951 entered the University of al-Azhar University in Cairo, where friends with the officers of the organization Nasser`s "Free Officers", and before returning to Algeria in 1955 completed a course of training in guerrilla warfare. In 1958, Boumediene was appointed commander of all the databases National Liberation Front (ELN) in western Algeria and Morocco, in 1960, became chief of staff of the ELN.

After independence in 1962, it is under the control of the army supported Boumediene Ahmed Ben Bella. Boumediene was the defense minister in the government of Ben Bella, and after the elections 1963 - Vice-President of the Republic of Algeria. June 19, 1965 coup d`etat, headed the Revolutionary Council, and declared himself president.

Boumediene has created a number of new state institutions, starting with the local assembly (1967) to the National People`s Assembly (1977). In 1976 he promulgated the National Charter for political ends and a new constitution adopted nareferendume. Finish the job, Ben Bella nationalized (particularly the oil industry), and embarked on a land reform, under which the land was redistributed and new farming methods introduced. In 1975, he tried to get access to the Atlantic coast, announcing Algeria`s claims to Western Sahara.