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Ingredients : Danny Boy (Daniel O`Connor) DJ Lethal (Leor DiMant) Everlast (Erik Schrody) leader Said House of Pain, Everlast: " Once we were told that we are the first white rap group, which can be trusted. " And it is true. House of Pain showed everyone that African- American form of expression, called hip-hop, has moved beyond the black neighborhoods and have long crossed racial boundaries.

However Everlast realized that hip-hop white musicians do not come so easily. Being a child of African- American parents, hiphop must be placed in a clear framework of a national community. House of Pain gave hip-hop American- Irish character. The Irish are more than 100 years ago, settled in America and perfectly blended with the culture of this country - about the same as it once did the slaves from Africa. And Everlast,Danny Boy and dabbled in the music business long before they discovered gold-bearing vein in their national heritage. Both were born in the early `70s, both inherited from the Irish blood ancestors immigrated to America, and both were members of the Irish community in Long Island and Brooklyn. Everlast`a father was a worker, and Danny father,in his own words, typically an alcoholic. " No, really It was a common criminal, and I`m not even really something and did not know him. He was wound from one another in the slammer. " It is interesting that, being come from different families, at the age of 11 years, they met at school Taft High School. They were best friends ,since more at this school more or less decent white people were not, and little by little they began to gather around the motley crowd. " Rap was then that on which we grew up, - Everlast says -. You were forced to listen to rap, if you do not like to be alone. " One of his friends was familiar with Ice-T, one of the fathers of gangsta rap ,and I brought him a cassette with Everlast`a record. "Ice-T said he wanted to meet with me. When he said that I was white, he said that he really wants to meet with me. " Soon Everlast already recorded an album under the auspices of the Rhyme Syndicate, Warner Bros subsidiary led by Ice-T.The album was released in 1990 and made no impression on the public. It became clear that the collective image of the white rapper - it`s not something that would bring him worldwide fame. Immediately after this breakup Everlast re friends with Danny Boy. Last too, I decided to try himself in hip-hop, when I realized ,that is no longer able to play punk in one of the local teams. While it could be called a punk, run down to the Beastie Boys. Danny Boy was on the short leg with small criminal elements of Mexican descent. It was they who taught him good sense and showed him the unseen side of life the glorious city of Los Angeles. "I learned life from people, not from books, - he said -. I always liked the criminal hangouts, where were the people to break the system People who do not took care of his ass and lived through this I `ve never earned money honestly.. by : there were many different options to find a normal job, but sooner or later break off.I`m not afraid of work, but I do not understand what kind of work, when someone cuts with your money, and you guys are you have. "Everlast and Danny Boy stusovalis with DJ Lethal (Leor DiMant), which had the same attitude in Ireland, which has a cleaner store CDs to the director of a factory for the production of condoms. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Latvia. As with his new friends, his childhood was spent in full outrage : at the age of 5 years he was engaged in that periodically lowered his classmates in the garbage cans, for which he was thrown out of the Jewish school. The trio started to develop their own image ,actively using national features two Irish friends, and in 1990 gave its first concert under the name House of Pain. Their first single Jump Around was an example of the connection of the various elements of Ireland - American folklore, the nature of which can be described by three humble terms : shit, booze, hooligans. After a series of esters on college radio Jump Around has become available to the general public. By the autumn of that year, fans bought a million copies of the single. By the fall of 1992, the single became a regular guest in the Top Five Billboard`s Hot 100 Singles. The debut album, named after the group came out in 1992. It addresses such burning topics for all mankind, as the beef stew and cabbage, the Guiness beer, Irish good luck and all in the same spirit. This album was voted one of the best debuts in recent years and, in addition, was one of the five best albums of the year with a diagnosis of a rare trump canoe, sharply beating on the brain. The only ones who broke off, were the British, who dubbed recording aesthetically unseasoned, moral decay, full of ugliness, senile marasmus of the third degree, and so on. N. But, in spite of everything, the album still went platinum. The trio has been touring a lot. Often they were given joint concerts with other popular " not black " rapteams : Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest, Whooliganz. Between the first and second album House of Pain was given about ten concerts with bands such as Public Enemy and L7. In addition, members of the group have been involved in a number of non-musical projects. Everlast starred in Judgment Night and Lowball,and opened his own business with Danny Boy and Mickey Rourke - restaurant "House of Pizza". Danny Boy, in turn, is also involved in the filming of the gangster thriller "Bullet", and DJ Lethal producing all kinds of young and middle-aged groups. Despite the different interests, they continue to co-creation. Released in 1994 the album "Same As It Ever Was" many called more powerful than the previous one, and compared the House of Pain with other white rap collective with a punk -rock past - Beastie Boys. But if the Beastie Boys began to sound more pop today, the House of Pain continues the tradition of hard rock, and that elevates them to the high places of the charts. The reason for the big disputes are Irish motifs in the lyrics, and the emblem of House of Pain. In magazines, there are various points of view on this issue. " They are building themselves from the true Irish emblem even they -. Petal clover (symbol of Ireland) They think that it is a counter ! " - So some say.All disputes revolve around two themes : whether they are Irish or is it just their image, and if rap could be a way of expression for white youth. " We are asked, as far as we consider ourselves Irish I answer, -. Everlast says that our Irish blood - is the only thing that unites us, and we talk about it in our music. We fully fit into the stereotype of the Irish : we drink, loudly shout, swear. And also in the songs. " As for the second question, the House of Pain went against all the rules. While the other strained and complexes about their non- black, House of Pain boldly made in white. " We have white pride. .. No, I do not speak,that the white race is superior to black, I`m just proud of myself : I - white. White Irish guy ". Everlast claims that the rap for him - this is a way to express their national identity. " When a simple guy from the Bronx rhymes poems, he talks about his ancestors and where they came from. So I did. I talk about my past "House of Pain. -outdoor media philosophy, the starting point of which is the idea that only to understand and love yourself, you can begin to love others. They smashed the idea of black music to white, proving that it does not matter where you go, and that`s where you`re going.

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