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BiographyIn 1987, keyboardist Greg Dzhiuffria faithfully worked in the project name itself ("Giuffria"). His team was preparing to record their third album, but then crossed paths with Greg Gene Simmons. Greg introduced Gina latest demo, and the famous " Kiss " became interested in it.

The only thing that did not like Simmons - vocals David Eisley it. The case ended the fact that the project "Giuffria" collapsed and on its ruins, a new group with the ambitious title "House of lords". In addition to the Dzhiuffrii, bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Lanny Kordoly in freshly project also got a drummer Ken Mary, who previously worked with Alice Cooper and vocalist James Christian of "L.A. Rocks".Management team took over Gene Simmons, cunningly has registered the name "House of lords". The band was signed to his label "Simmons records", but distribution has been given into the hands of "BMG". In 1988, based on the material for the third album " Giuffria ", was recorded debut " House of Lords ". House of LordsSaund plate has become a little heavier than the previous group, but basically it was the same melodic rock with an emphasis on keyboards. In principle, the audience greeted the album is quite good, but the lack of proper promotional still affected sales. At the beginning of 1989-first held only two small round (an American with "Cheap trick" and one with the British "Scorpions"), what was going on and limited. Against this background, the team began differences, touching mainly Greg and Lanny. These quarrels led to guitarist care, and in its place was taken by a certain Michael Guy. Despite,that Guy got a photo on the cover of their second album "House of lords", the guitars were performed not only for them, but also invited by Doug Aldrich, Chris Impellitteri, Mandy Mayer and Rick Nielsen.

Invitations to the session "Sahara" singers was even greater (about two dozen) . Among them could be noted the appearance of a former colleague ,David Eisley and girlfriends Christian, Ainy Olson. The result of the work of so many people was more guitar- oriented and frankly commercial.

House of LordsProdazhi plates were quite high, but the touring activity again does not go well. "House of lords" had a small tour in the company of "Nelson",after which the situation in the group again escalated. First, he slammed the door and Mary Wright, and after them disappeared and Guy. The third album Dzhiuffria Christian and recorded together with the support sessionschikov Sina McNabb (bass) , Dennis Cheek (guitar) and Tommy Aldridge (drums) . "Demons down" has become the latest at the time the work of "House of lords",and soon the group was disbanded.

Reunion " House of Lords " took place in 2000 when the team was going to a classic. The revival was not without difficulties, since the musicians had to fight for the title "House of lords" Gene Simmons. Then again began reshuffle ,and as a result to their fourth album, " Lords " came without Greg Dzhiuffrii. His absence on "The power and the myth" already compensated four keyboard players (Derek Sherinyan Alan Okuye, Sven Martin, Ricky Phillips) .

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