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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Citizenship : United States

American avant-garde fashion label

Some create fashion labels and brands to make money, others - to show the world their creativity ;Mary Jo Diehl and Roman Milisich set out to something more global. Through its joint project Dil Milisich and wanted to send a message around the world and get people to take another look at the fashion industry.

The project `House of Diehl` - fashion label highly avant-garde wing ; like many other avant-garde designs ,He is one of the key fashion capitals of the world - New York (New York). There is a project from 2001 ; it was then, and was awarded a creative union of Mary Jo Diehl and Roman Milisicha. Its joint venture designers considered primarily as a way to say something interesting and at the same time the world porobovat change existing ideas about the fashion world. The existing fashion trends and solutions, and Diehl Milisicha arranged not particularly - according to teammates ,fashion world in its many manifestations too gravitated toward simple moves and trivial decisions. Universal formula designed to meet the taste of the widest possible range of potential customers, and Dil Milisichu were obviously do not like ; the designers decided to create something own ,smudge too clear stylistic boundaries and bring in a trendy design that is beginning to lose its direction - a touch of humanity.

Its unique and incomparable with anything comparable to the style of his partner invested in each of the works of art of tailoring with the label `House of Diehl`. Consequently,confuse these outfits and accessories can not be anything else - power embedded designers and betrays from each thread, each of the small details of finishes.

Now the `House of Diehl` already received recognition of a large number of outstanding designers and earned several fashion awards, such as the international fashion preii ` Triumph` 2004-2005 season. Diehl and Milisich, however,and not ` opustilis` to conventional mainstream - their work is still balancing on the thin line between clothing and art. Creation Mary and Roman have even been exhibited in a number of art galleries and museums - like the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) and NewYork gallery `Deitch Projects`. A considerable fame designers brought their ` zhivye` fashion statements in style rock -n-roll, included in the series ` Instant Couture`. Of course, Dil and Milisich periodically appear on more traditional activities - such as NewYork Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week) or the legendary Viennese Charity Ball `Life`

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