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Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


This American band formed in the late 60s. At first it was just a side project of "Jefferson airplane", but eventually became a fully independent unit. The group was founded two old friends, participants of " Airplane ", Jack Kesedi (born April 13, 1944, Washington,. Bass) and Jorma Kaukonen (. P December 23, 1940, Washington, DC ; guitar, vocals). Jack and Jorma earlier studied together in one of Washington School of Music and both fond of blues, listening to the older brother Jack plate. While still teenagers, they have created a local team "Triumphs". Then for a while they parted ways. We met a friend as part of "Jefferson airplane",which Kesedi joined as bassist.

After some time, without leaving from this group, they began to perform a duet. "Hot tuna" (first "Hot shit") manage to give concerts in the gaps between the "Airplane" performances.

Hot tunaV 1970 the duo joined Will Scarlet (harmonica) , moreover,the boys occasionally helped Martin Balin and Spencer Dryden. In the same year they released their debut album "Hot tuna", recorded in New Orleans. It sounded traditional ragtime and blues on the disc. The following year was born plate "First Pull Up, Then Pull Down", made in a more rock sound. By the time of the release of their second album, they were a quintet, which even includes the legendary violinist Papa John Creech and Sammy Piazza (drums) . Before the release of the third disc, "Burgers", even tougher sound, he left the team Scarlet. By 1973, when he appeared "Phosphorescent rat", Kesedi and Kaukonen officially parted ways with "Jefferson airplane".Papa John Creech contrary decided to stay only in " Airplane ".

After the release of "America`s Choice" in 1975, Piazza left part of "Hot tuna". His place behind the kit took Bob Stiller.

Hot tunaGruppa published several plates (disc was recorded in 1978 with keyboardist Nick Buck) , and

1979 was announced its official dissolution. Kaukonen engaged solo work, and then joined the "Vital Parts". Kesedi organized his group of "new wave " - "SVT". However, in the late 80`s friends met again and from time to time began to give concerts under the guise of "Hot tuna". In 1990 they were joined by guitarist and songwriter Michael Falzarano. Also, the series "Hot tuna" replenished drummer Harvey Sorgenom. With their participation, the band recorded a new studio album, "Pair a Dice Found", over the past ten years. This was followed by the concert disc releases.

In 1992, the group appeared keyboardist Pete Sears (ex "Jefferson starship"). The end of the 90 "Hot tuna" had a not very active ,sometimes arranging tours and the occasional concert and releasing old recordings.

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