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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Place of birth : Tempe, Arizona, USA

Citizenship : United States

Active preachers independent music

Performed by the musicians happy energetic - and yet melodic - pop-punk ; texts are full of memorable phrases and quite topical references to current events in the world of politics.

`Horace Pinker` - American punk rock band ,Founded in 1991 in Tempe, Arizona (Tempe, Arizona), and work is currently in Chicago, Illinois (Chicago, Illinois). Performed by the musicians happy energetic - and yet melodic - pop-punk ; texts are full of memorable phrases and quite topical references to current events in the world of politics. `Horace Pinker` also known as active preachers of the ideas of independent music. In total, they serve in 19 countries around the world - from Europe to Brazil and Australia ; They work mainly in the punk - rock clubs, lounges, and even amateur basement institutions.It was possible to musicians work on a fairly big European festivals like the Dutch `Dynamo Open Air`, German and Belgian ` Popkomm` `Groezrock`.

Among their students not allocated any specific age stratum - work `Horace Pinker` interesting to all. How often spiteful critics say ,special group of commercial success never reached ; This, however, does not prevent them from continuing to perform successfully and on, completely ignoring fashion trends and battling spot audience with their powerful music and rather non-trivial texts.

Almost immediately after the creation of the musicians went on a concert tour in North America ;the company they were such groups as `Agent Orange`,` Jawbreaker` and `All Systems Go`. Divided and with them the scene and more well-known groups - `Green Day`,` Face To Face`, `Blink 182`,` The OffSpring` and `Jimmy Eat World`. A total of `Horace Pinker` released a compilation of 30 projects, 12 LPs (in particular ,joint drive with `Face To Face`) and is good enough to sell DVD c videokompilyatsiyami like ` Cinema Beer Nuts` and `Punk Broadcast System`. Several times the team played on the TV; so they had to play in the series ` Slaughter otdel` (` Homicide: Life on the Streets`), `Orleans` and` We pyatero` (`Party of Five`).The publication of a number of projects - like `Power Tools`,` Burn Tempe To The Ground`, `Pop Culture Failure`,` Copper Regret`, `Red-Eyed Regular` and ` Texas One Ten` - `Horace Pinker` accompanied new concert tours. Soon saw the light of their new album ;the group continued to develop one of his trademark tricks - an elegant combination of methods pop and guitar duets.

Most reviewers noted characteristic energetic punk - style group - a tightening in some moments and literally smashing the listener into other pieces. It does not remain without attention and high-quality technical component command tunes ; in his style - which he has long gone beyond the usual genres and a stretch can be described as pop punk - the team reached virtually the pinnacle of success. Music `Horace Pinker` is ideal for those who are in the normal pop-punk is not enough small pinch of heavy rhythms.

The last full-scale group project came in 2007 - it became an anthology of the band over the past six years `Carnival Nostalgia: 2000-2006`. The album contains recordings from the last four releases `Horace Pinker` coupled with some some previously unpublished material. As usual,Soon after the album`s release the band went on tour - this time, in Brazil.

At the moment, `Horace Pinker` consists of four performers ; original member left only two - drummer Brian Jones (Bryan Jones) and guitarist and singer Scott Eastman (Scott Eastman).Along with them are the bassist and vocalist Greg Mitic (Greg Mytych) and guitarist Jeff Dean (Jeff Dean).

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