Horace Greasley

Picture of Horace Greasley

Date of Birth: 12/25/1918

Age: 91

Love POW

Horace born on December 25th 1918, in the same Christmas, and after a few minutes he was born a twin brother, who became famous only because of his brother.

Most of his childhood Grisli family spent in the work on the farm, and he himself Horace loved animals and was able to spend all day long, taking care of them. When German troops occupied Czechoslovakia, Horace worked as a hairdresser and a conversation with one of the customers said the intention to go to war; fate would have it, the visitor was responsible for the employment of citizens, and so imbued with the story of 20-year-old Grisli that offered him a job, which is fenced off from service. Horace proudly refused and after a couple of days went to war as a volunteer. It is with this and began Horace adventure that not even after 60 years will be forgotten, but on the contrary, only the details and will acquire new items.

Service Grisli have not worked from the first day: on survey corporal accidentally mixed up his name, and throughout the life of Horace was named Jim, who called him a friend, and command.

After seven weeks, he SCHOOL along with the battalion was sent to the north of France (France), but almost immediately after arrival at the place was captured. he began a 10-week trek through Europe in a convoy to the prisoners, who followed in the concentration camp in Poland May 25, 1940-year. Then hearing about the horrors of the concentration camps had not yet spread throughout Europe, and because most of the prisoners assumed that Germany will follow the rules and keep prisoners of war in normal conditions. Alas, they were wrong: even during the transition, many have died of dysentery and other diseases, the train they were transported in carriages for horses, and upon arrival at the concentration camp Stalag XXI-D, they were settled in a stall for horses.

Zama stood out terribly cold, and the temperature inside is hardly different from what was happening outside. Most of the battalion Horace died, and the other prisoners of the camp were suffering from diseases and colds. Constant beating of prisoners, guards brutality, the almost complete absence of food - all this led to the fact that during one of the inspections Grisli dirty has called one of the SS officers, not knowing that the English course was part of their course of study.

About a week Grisli spent unconscious, remaining alive only by his companions. During one of camp inspections representative from Geneva (Geneva), one of the prisoners and the guards denounced the appalling conditions in which prisoners were kept. The camp was soon disbanded, and the addition of a guy named Charlie was never seen again. Horace himself after the war told me that if it was not Charlie, no one would come out alive.

After the transfer of prisoners to another camp translation services were provided to the German, that translator was the daughter of the chief of the camp Rauhbah Rose (Rosa Rauchbach). Soon Horace and Rose fell in love and secretly met in the workers in the shops while Horace comrades covered him and stood on guard. However, the happiness did not last long - Horace was transferred to a nearby camp. But it still does not become an obstacle for him. Spila the lattice from the windows, he replaced them with wooden dummies and almost every night to escape from the camp through a tunnel, which has managed to dig during their walks. So, with the help of his friends, none of whom did not try to escape, knowing that after that the guards will strengthen supervision, Horace ran out of the camp and came back more than 200 times.

The love story lasted throughout the war, after which Horace moved to America. Rose also spending some time at the US military base in Europe, died in childbirth. Grisli later moved to Spain, where he lived until his death.

But not only this famous Horace. After the war, the huge popularity enjoyed a picture in which a prisoner contemptuously looks at Heinrich Himmler (Heinrich Himmler). This concluded, according to most historians, it was Horace.

In 2010, in the age of 91, Horace died in Spain. In 2008, he published his autobiography, which tells in detail about the war years, his adventures and the incredible love story.