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Year of birth : 1994

Age: 21 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Project "Hoobastank" was born in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles in 1994. The reason for its creation was to introduce the vocalist Doug Robb and guitarist Dan Estrin, encountered in the contest school groups.

The third member of the team was the bassist Markku Lappalainen, held earlier with the "Idiosyncratic" Estrin in formation. Completed acquisition of drummer Chris Hesse found an ad in the local newspaper. Like thousands of other teams, "Hoobastank" began his career with concerts in their neighborhood.

Armed with the work of such groups as the "Tool" and "Alice in chains", the guys at the same time did not hesitate to carry out old things such as "Do Ya Think I`m Sexy" by Rod Stewart. The peculiar color of sound "Hoobastank" gave the team appeared in the horn section led by saxophonist Jeremy Wasser.

Hoobastank Gradually, the band`s popularity grew, and after the release of the demo "Hoobustank muffins" team on a par with "Incubus" began to appear frequently in such well-known Los Angeles-based clubs as "Troubadour","Whiskey" and "Roxy". Then the concert activity began to decline, and many began to think that the project is closed, but in 1998 the guys reminded of themselves, releasing its forces with indigestible opus entitled "They sure don`t make basketball shorts like they used to". Curve popularity again crept upward, and in August 2000-of staff (without Vasseur) acquired a contract from the "Island records".

Cheerful support has done its job, and soon the team has toured the country in the company of "Incubus", "Live", Dave Navarro, " the Sum 41 " and "Alien ant farm". The self-titled album "Hoobastank", released in November 2001 ,pretty quickly crossed the gold mark and confidently toward platinum.

HoobastankDelo reinforced by the radio hits "Crawling In The Dark" and "Running Away", will also receive broadcasts on MTV. In support of the global disk group met the Asia tour. In 2002, the "Island" released "The target" live mini-album ,and early next year, the team went to record the second LP. After the studio work was the team went on tour, but the majority of the concerts had to be canceled due to the fact that Estrin seriously injured, riding a mini bike.However, in October the guitarist became newly commissioned and "Hoobastank" successfully skated hedlaynersky "Nokia Unwired Tour".

The album "The reason", released in December of 2003, rose to 45th line in the "Billboard". In 2004, the group was accompanied by "Linkin park" in the round "Meteora", and after the tour of 2005 left Lappalainen. Place Markku took a former member of the punk-group "Tsunami bomb", Matt McKenzie.

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Hoobastank photo
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