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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles ,California

Citizenship : United States

In the rap -rock - metal

To the surprise of the guys themselves, the song quickly sold on miru` ` and they started coming in the mail message to continue to work and recorded. This was the decisive factor for the creation of the team, which was later called `Hollywood Undead`.

`Hollywood Undead` - American raprock band from Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California). It all began in 2005, when Dzhorel Decker (Jorel Decker), better known by the nickname `J-Dog`, and Aaron Erlikmen (Aron Erlichman) aka. `Deuce`, recorded his first song ` The Kids` and posted it on the popular Internet resource MySpace. Surprisingly own guys ,the song quickly sold on miru` ` and they started coming in the mail message to continue to work and recorded. This was the decisive factor for the creation of the team, which was later called `Hollywood Undead`. In addition to the two founders, it was composed of Jeff Phillips (Jeff Philips), Jordon Terrell (Jordon Terrell), Matthew S.Claire (Matthew St. Claire) and George Ragan (George Ragan), known to fans around the world under the pseudonym `Johnny 3 Tears`.

One of the musicians described the first months of work : ` Then it was not important who was in the room, and what instrument he igral`.

Meanwhile, the popularity of `Hollywood Undead` grew rapidly and ,not to make their fans wait for the guys started to work hard on creating and recording his first album. Justices are less than a year. However, the world of show business was not so easy to conquer, as suggested by the guys : no record company would not agree to release the disc in such a way ,in which it gave the musicians themselves. Even not very legible `MySpace Records` offered podkorrektirovat` guys ` album, not to shock people. `Hollywood Undead` unanimously refused.

In the end, he was lucky enough to sign a contract with `A & M / Octone Records`,in the studio which was recorded and mixed their debut album, called `Swan Songs`. For the first time on the shelves, he appeared September 2, 2008 -year. In the first week sales of a sufficient number of copies have been purchased in order to have his name appeared on the 22th line of the hit parade `Billboard 200`.

A few months later, on May 18to the great delight of many fans already, the album went on sale in the UK. Sales increased so that the musicians urgently had to record a mini - album

Swan Songs B-Sides EP`, which today you can buy in the store of the popular iTunes music resource.

10 November 2009-year they released their first collection CD / DVD set, he received the title of `Desperate Measures`. As you know, on CD- ROM was 6 songs that were not included in the first album, and a DVD - ROM contains a record of one of the group ` zhivyh` concerts.

Ironically, critics and music magazines have not come to the delight of the overall sound and style of the band ; so, for example ,`Allmusic` magazine praised the album by only 2 points out of a possible 5. Other issues, though they were not impressed by the music `Hollywood Undead`, did not dare to put it in less than 5 points on a scale - after all, and it`s just a debut album.

2010 ygod did not begin with the most enjoyable events, namely, with the care of one of the founders of the group ,Aaron Erlikmena. In his place was adopted by Daniel Murillo (Daniel Murillo), a graduate of the 9th season of the popular musical TV show `American Idol`.

April 1, 2010, the band spent in full in the studio a few hours ; After the talks, one of the musicians mentioned that their second studio album will be released in the fall. Director label Diner James (James Diener) assured the fans that will bring the group `s second album so popular, which they had not even dreamed of. During the whole of 2010 the guys tried hard to attract the attention of fans in his every interview they gave clear hints barely povoduvyhoda on their new album. Some of the songs, including the song `Hear Me Now`, singles out, even more glowing atmosphere of anticipation.

January 11, 2011, the year the guys opened the name of his long-awaited album - `American Tragedy`, after only a few days a single ` Comin` In Hot` become available for free download. As said, the musicians, the release will take place on March 8, 2011th year.

Many music critics have misunderstood the kind of love the fans creativity `Hollywood Undead`. One reason, perhaps, is a unique style that combines features of rap, rock, alternative and metal. How to say guys, each member of the group makes a huge contribution to the sound, every song - the result of joint creative work

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