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Date of Birth: 01/19/1875

Age: 81

Place of Birth: Honolulu

Citizenship: United States

self-taught archaeologist in the lost city of the Incas

Bingham was born in Honolulu, Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii); His father and grandfather were Protestant missionaries. Already teenager Hiram moved to the United States; where he continued his studies. In 1894-m Bingham graduated from high school in Andover, Massachusetts (Andover, Massachusetts), in 1898 received a bachelor`s degree at Yale (Yale University), in 1900 - the diploma of the University of California at Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley), and in 1905 - a PhD at Harvard (Harvard University). Some time Hyrum taught politics and history at Harvard. It`s interesting that when he was a teacher - has, however, at Yale - Bingham immortalized and made its discovery; a professional archaeologist, he, oddly enough, at the time was not.

It all started in 1908 - it was then that fate brought Bingham on Scientific Congress in Santiago, Chile (Santiago, Chile). Already on the way back from one of the officials of Peru (Peru) Hiram learned of the nearby town of pre-Columbian times; his account of the journey to the city Bingham later published in the United States. Stories of lost in Central and South America, Indian cities have excited him considerably; already in 1911, Hyrum went back to the Andes (Andes) in the new expedition. July 24, 1911 the first expedition and found this city of Machu Picchu. By the time of the existence of his remembered only inhabitant of the valley located nearby; thanks Bingham Machu Picchu has become one of the major tourist attractions in the country and in South America as a whole. The lion`s share of fame for the discovery went exactly Bingham - while aides and colleagues he had many. In addition, after the announcement of the discovery made by him there were many travelers who claimed on the palm - so German researcher August Burns (Augusto Berns) visited these parts back in the 60s.

In total, Bingham expeditions have withdrawn from the territory of Machu Picchu about 40,000 different kinds of unique archaeological finds - like mummies, pottery vessels and bones. Return these finds itself the Government of Peru has managed only September 14, 2007-th.

Leaving archeology, Bing joined the ranks of the army. Already in 1916 he was listed as captain of the National Guard of Connecticut (Connecticut National Guard); in 1917 Hiram went into the pilots - and even founded in 8 American universities faculties of military aeronautics. He continues to cooperate with the American aviation groups Hyrum and after the war.

In 1922 Bingham was elected to the position of the State of Connecticut lieutenant governor; He held this post until 1924 th - after which he was elected governor already. Shortly after winning the gubernatorial election Bingham was elected to the Senate; as governor, he actually took only 1 day - set a record state.

During his first term in the Senate, he won a seat in the Presidential Aviation Council (President`s Aircraft Board) - and the nickname `The Flying senator` ( `The Flying Senator`). In 1926, Bingham was re-elected for another term; in the elections of 1932 he was unlucky and he was forced to leave the Senate.

During the Second World Bingham taught in the training institutions of the American fleet. After the war he returned to politics.

June 6, 1956 th Hiram Bingham III, died at his home in Washington, DC (Washington, DC).

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