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The prototype of this team from San Francisco appeared in 1978 under the name of "Paradox" (not to be confused with the German band) . The project is based teenagers Bill Peterson (bass) and Dan Watson (guitar) . The composition of the group at first did not differ stability and only with the arrival of drummer Dave Schmidt and vocalist Dennis Manzo gained some firmness.

Manzo joined the staff of the latter, and its appearance was noted the change of name to "Hexx". In 1983, the quartet recorded a demo of "No escape",land in the hands of the boss "Shrapnel records" Mike Varney.

musicians he liked the work, and the next year "Shrapnel" released their debut album, titled as well as a demo. Record in style was a melodic heavy metal, which is why "Hexx" is sometimes compared to "Metal church" and "Savatage".Hexx After some time, the group was strengthened by guitarist Clint Bower (ex- "Prisoner"), and the microphone is switched at the disposal of Dan Bryant. Configuration changes also affected the change of style "Hexx", and the second album of Californians ("Under the spell") already contained speed metal with thrash bloom. This turn of events upset Mike Varney ,and he broke the contract with the group. Trouble for "Hexx" this is not over, and soon the team has lost just two players, Dan Bryant and Dave Schmidt.

Replacing the drummer was found in the person of former colleague Bauer on "Prisoner" John Shafer, and vocal duties assumed Bauerwho had a more aggressive style of performance compared with their predecessors. In 1988, the team came under the roof of "Music for nations", which released the EP "Quest for sanity".

HexxEtot release was marked by the further evolution of the style of jumping now techno - thrash. "Qust for sanity" was released first in Europe, and only a year later - in America.The relationship with the team "Music for nations" were short-lived, and the next mini- opus, "Watery graves", was published by a small company "Wild rags". The next haven "Hexx" became a solid label "Century media".Disc 1991 "Morbid reality" was recorded in the California studio of "Starlight sound" under the leadership of John Marshall of "Metal church".

On this album, the musicians continued stylistic experiments with a further shift to the brutality and this time was given something techno - thrash - death metal. However, their quest has not been successful ,and in 1993 after the departure of John Shafer in the project "Dogface" the band broke up.

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