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Journey of a Lifetime

Herman and Candelaria were born in rural areas; life in their families was fairly straightforward. Met future spouses when Hermann was 10, and Kandy - 8 years. Friendship gradually turned into true love; Candelaria was 14 when their relationship moved to a new level. Their romance developed 10 years; united them, however, is not only love, but also a common dream - to see the world. The first time they did not plan to have children to carry out his cherished desire; later, however, the plans have changed - and their first son, Pampa (Pampa), was born shortly after the start of a great trip.

His first book, Zappa wrote by way of Argentina (Argentina) to Alaska (Alaska); `Atrapa Suenos` almost immediately became a bestseller - the first time it showed to the world the couple at the International Book Fair in Costa Rica (Costa Rica). Later, enlarged and revised edition of `Haunting mechtu` (` Dream Chaser`) published in English; A total of 7 times book reprinted. By the time of arrival in Alaska the couple have already sell 12 thousand copies; All this time, the proliferation of books they did themselves, selling it to all the counter.

Can you call the trip from Argentina to Alaska is really more? Undoubtedly. But the road ended ... but the dream is still there. For some time, however, Zappa took a break; returning to Argentina, they published another book, `Atrapa tu Sue & # 241; o`. Again German and Kandy waiting for success - in 2005, the book became a bestseller this Argentine. Of course, her husband translated into English - `Light your mechtu` ( `Spark Your Dream`) published in the United States in 2007. Opyat-taki, the book has stood the test of time, having gone through three reprints. Write Zappa never ceased; New book their vyhodyats punctually.

Second child Candelaria gave birth during a trip to Argentina; c since Zapp family travels continuously. First, their car was transported to Florida (Florida); Zappa went there first in Montreal (Montreal), and then - on Vancouver Island (Vancouver Island). It was born in Vancouver and their third child - daughter Paloma (Paloma); shortly thereafter - five of them already - first pilgrims traveled to Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA), and then - in Australia (Australia). In Australia, Candelaria gave birth for the fourth time; the birth of the young Wallaby (Wallaby) family noted travel around the whole of the Green continent. Their way lay through a wild desert, where the company they were except a kangaroo, and the nearest gas station was 500 kilometers; Zappa, however, enjoyed only in extreme conditions, even for a second without interrupting his journey. From Australia ihpo water transported to New Zealand (New Zealand); toured all the islands of the archipelago, Zappa went to Asia ...

Now tireless travelers roam the Philippines (Philippines); its future path they have already planned out in the 18 countries forward. In total, their journey continues for 10 years; all four of their children were conceived and born in different countries. Skeptics may say a lot about Zapp and their dreams - so they obviously chose the car is not the most suitable, and money should dig a little more ... but all this boring prose of life departs, is just starting to read notes on the exciting adventures of the irrepressible family. Finally, especially in such events always had the persistence and will in victory - but this is truly not hold Zapp! Already no one doubts that the six brave can easily circumnavigate the entire globe - the only question is where they will go after ...

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Herman And Candelaria Zapp picture
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Herman And Candelaria Zapp image
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