Picture of Heracles

Nationality: Greece


Hercules (Latin Heracles, Hercules, 327-309 BCE....) - The son of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great on his mistress Barsine.

Mother Hercules Barsine, came from a noble Persian family, and her father Artabazus rules satrapy in Asia Minor. She was married to the Greek Mentor, became commander of the Persian forces in the West, and after his death she remarried a brother of her late husband, Memnon. Memnon fought with Alexander the Great when he invaded Asia in 334 BC. e. And that it is not defected to the Macedonian king, his wife Barsine held at the court of the Persian king Darius.

In 333 BC. e. Memnon died in the same year there was a battle priIsse where Darius suffered a complete defeat and fled. All his court, including Barsine, was captured in Damascus as a battle trophy. Barsine was about 30 years old, she was pretty, had a Greek education during a 10-year tenure at the court of Philip, father of Alexander the great, and Alexander, in fact indifferent to women, it took as concubines. In 327 BC. e. Barsine the age of 36 gave birth to Heracles, Alexander`s first child, she herself had first children from her first husband. After his marriage to Alexandra Bactrian Princess Roxana mother took away Hercules in Pergamum, where they lived quietly until the death of Alexander in 323 BC. e.

About the illegal son of Alexander the Great remembered during the search of a new king, to be the offspring of the royal blood of the male gender. Justin writes that phalanx Meleager commander offered a choice: "... if they [the generals] are willing to boys, that is, in Pergamon son Alexander from Barsine named Hercules, or, if they prefer a man there in the camp Arrhidaeus brother Alexander [. 1] "The proposal of Hercules has not passed, and Barsine with his son continued to live quietly in Pergamum until 309 BC. e. . By this year, when Hercules was the 17 th year, has not survived any other heir to the Macedonian throne by the direct male line.

Photiki Polisperhon decided thrusting his voyskaGerakla, win Macedonia, order tired of the endless wars Diadochi. With an army of 20 thousand infantry and a thousand cavalry Hercules, the son of Alexander the Great, he came up to the borders of Macedonia, where the rules while Cassandre, do not dare to call himself king. Cassander started negotiations with Polisperhonom, during which promised to take him aside in the Peloponnese in exchange for the life of the heir to the Macedonian throne. The transaction took place. In 309 BC. e. After a sumptuous banquet of Heracles and his mother was strangled by order of Polisperhona [2]. Since that time, no more heirs and successors Argeadov dynasty, who ruled Macedonia for more than 4 centuries.