Henry Vii (of Luxembourg)

Picture of Henry Vii (of Luxembourg)

Age: 44

Place of Birth: Valenciennes

Citizenship: Italy


His election to the German throne in 1308 Henry was obliged to Philip IV the Fair and Avignon curia.

Henry VII (Luxembourg) was born in 1269. Dutchman by birth, he was raised in France; Philip IV knighted him, and Henry, as a vassal of his, promised to serve him in the struggle against the British.

The first steps of the new emperor - the restoration of the Rhine customs and recognition of independence of the three forest cantons of Switzerland - found his disapproval to the Habsburg policy.

Elizabeth, the daughter of the last Premysl in the Czech Republic, Vaclav II of, gave her hand to her son Henry, John, who was crowned in Prague, the Bohemian king.

Throughout his reign Henry VII was busy with the idea to restore the value of the German Empire in Italy. In 1310 at the head of 5,000 troops Henry undertook his Italian campaign, which is of great historical significance as a reaction against Bonifatsievoy system. Media imperatorstva abstract idea, Henry VII was standing above the parties and declared himself a supporter of either the Guelph or Ghibelline supporter, which the Italians could not understand. Both parties are equally disliked him. He began by saying that the returned exiles, anyway, whether they were Guelphs and Ghibellines; in Milan, he tried to reconcile Della Torre with Visconti.

Journeyed to Rome, he was appointed as his Vicar in northern Italy, the Duke of Savoy. With the removal of Henry to the south to the north, riots broke out, the city rose up in the country; Pisa in Tuscany only obeyed Henry, Florence, Siena and Lucca he resisted.

In Florence there was a struggle the Black and White. Dante urged all bow to the emperor; he saw the only salvation for Italy in restoring imperatorstva. Later, Dante placed him (under the name of Arrigo) to a high place in the "Paradise", the last Canticle "Divine Comedy."

June 29 1312goda Henry VII was crowned in the Lateran and then in his favor decided the question whether the emperor in secular affairs should depend on whether or not the pope. Henry rebelled against Robert of Naples; it supported the Pope and the French king. Henry VII decided in view of this to connect with Federigo of Aragon, king of Sicily.

April 26, 1313, he issued the disgraced letter, by which Robert was deprived of all his possessions, and honor differences. During the preparations for a decisive struggle with Robert Henry died suddenly August 24, 1313, as they say - from the poison.