Henry Varnum Poor

Picture of Henry Varnum Poor

Date of Birth: 08/12/1812

Age: 92

Place of birth: Andover

Citizenship: United States


Henry Varnum Poor was born December 8, 1812 in Andover, Maine (Andover, Maine) in the family Sylvanus (Silvanus Poor) and Mary Poore (Mary Poor). He was the first in the family to go to university, and in 1835 graduated from Bowdoin College (Bowdoin College), one of the oldest colleges of New England (New England), located in the town of Brunswick, Maine (Brunswick, Maine). He joined the law firm of his uncle and in 1838 became a member of the Bar, successfully passing a special examination. Later, Henry and his brother John (John Poor) opened up a new legal practice in Bangor, Maine (Bangor, Maine). By investing in the booming timber industry of Maine, Poore Brothers made their fortunes. John Poore eventually became a local railroad magnate who have collaborated with the company `European and North American Railway`, and took an active part in the construction of railways staff.

In 1849 John bought the magazine `American Railroad Journal`, and Henry became his manager and editor. In 1860, Henry Poore published a handbook `history of railways and canals of the United States `(History of Railroads and Canals in the United States), trying sobratpolnuyu information on the financial and operational status of the railway companies of the USA. Later, along with his son, a banker Henry William Purom (Henry William Poor), he founded the company `HV and HW Poor Co` and began to publish annually updates a version of its handbook, which has become a real gift and indispensable for American investors. The world-famous rating agency `Standard & Poor`s` considers the publication of this handbook beginning of its history.

Pour many years I lived and worked in New York (New York City), and then moved to place Tuxedo Park, NY (Tuxedo Park, New York), the founder of which in 1886 became his good friend Pierre Loriyyar (Pierre Lorillard ), a major manufacturer of tobacco products and the owner of thoroughbred horses. Henry Poore was one of the founders of the New York Geological Society (New York Geological Society).

The famous financier died on January 4, 1905, at the age of 92, at his home in Brookline, Massachusetts (Brookline, Massachusetts), leaving a widow, a son and three daughters. Three weeks before that, he slipped on ice and broke his ankle, and general poor health of elderly man said on the condition of his heart.