Henry Iv

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Date of Birth: 04/03/1367

Age: 45

Place of birth: Bolingbroke Castle

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Henry of Lancaster was born in the family of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. The youth participated in the noble opposition, sought to limit the power of King Richard II, but then, in 1388, joined with the king in the Union. From 1390 to 1392 leads the life of a wandering knight in Continental Europe and Palestine.

In 1397 he receives the title of Duke of Hereford, but soon the king, taking advantage of a quarrel with the Duke of Norfolk Henry Thomas Mowbray, expels both from England. In 1399, after the death of John of Gaunt, Richard II confiscates his possessions. Heinrich against the will of the king returned to England and raises rebellion. It is supported by many well-born noblemen, and soon Richardokazyvaetsya deposed.

At the end of September 1399, Henry of Lancaster, was elected king.


Henry IV Bolingbroke was the first British monarch since the Norman invasion of 1066, for which the only native language was English, not French (or rather non-Anglo-Norman language). Despite some professors and church resistance, his reign was the beginning of the decline of the French language in England and parallel revival of Anglo-Saxon writing and speaking, as well as the formation of the modern English language.

In the literature

Henry IV is the character of the chronicles of William Shakespeare "Richard II