Henry Iv

Picture of Henry Iv

Age: 22


Henry IV formally inherited the duchy at the age of ten years. Will Henry III did not regulate the issue under the regency of the Duke and the minor role of this claimed half-brother of the late Duke Henry of Hesse, the wife of Henry III of Adelaide of Burgundy and his cousin Henry of Louvain Gasbeka ruler. With the support of the barons became regent Adelaide of Burgundy, its co-rulers Wouter Berthaut of Mechelen and Gottfried of the first (the grandson of William, son of Count Gottfried III and Louvain Imazhiny Loonskoy). Adelaide tried to remove physically weak and mentally unhealthy Henry from the throne and pass the duchy to his brother John, which led to riots in Leuven, Mechelen and Brussels, ended only with the official renunciation of Henry in May 14, 1267 Kortenberge goda.Posle renunciation Henry retired to a monastery in Dijon . The last extant evidence of the former Duke of Brabant is dated April 29, 1272: Where and When Henry died them - is unknown.