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He graduated from Harvard University, where he subsequently worked as a professor of history. I wrote a number of different publications,related to the political situation in the US, as well as biographies of many politicians.

February 16, 1838 a boy was born, he comes great-grandson of US President John Adams and the grandson of President John Quincy Adams. Father Henry, Charles Francis Adams was a minister in Britain during the Civil War. Henry worked as a secretary for his father. which a few days later he christened his own uncle, a priest of the first church - the citadel of Boston Unitarianism, - giving the name of Henry Adams.

This boy born in the shadow of the temple in Jerusalem, where his uncle, the high priest, was circumcised, it would be called Israel Kogan ,fate is unlikely to be imposed on him a clearer brand and out of the way over obstacles in the race for prizes, which are prepared coming century. However, an ordinary traveler through life without entering the lists on her, too, did not get off, so to speak, a ticket that ensures security ,provided long- run-in vehicles. Using such warranties sometimes boring, but comfortable, and the one who needs them, it feels the need for them continually. Guarantees, which are arranged by Henry Adams, a hundred years earlier would ensure success in the life of any young person, andwhile in 1838 their value decreased slightly by comparison with the 1738 year, the fact that the beginning of the career of the twentieth century was associated with a constellation of names, taking in the days of the colonies, in antediluvian times - First Church, Boston State House, Bikon- Hill, John Hancock and John Adams, Mount Vernon Street, Quincy ,huddled at the cradle with ten pounds of flesh blind infant - was so unusual that even many years later, when the baby grew up and knew what all was resolved, it is an amazing coincidence gave him a very interesting subject for reflection. What could come out of the child,who since childhood absorbed the spirit of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but, finding consciousness was going to have to play the game twentieth cards? And if he was asked in advance - he wanted to keep it to those cards, which gave him a fate, knowing that it would take part in a game in which neither he ,no one else knows and does not know from the beginning no rules, no risk, no interest rates ? He was not asked, and he would not answer. But even dedicated his parents in their intentions, he would certainly have asked them not to change anything. He would have been shocked at how lucky he is. It is unlikely that there is still at least one child born of that same 1838,which passed more trumps. Was there life fair game, which was dominated by the case, or in the course were rigged and with marked cards, he still could not refuse to play: in fact on his hands were alone kozyri.V novel "Democracy " (1880) traced the criticism " gilded century " from the standpoint of Puritanism. They were carefully conducted and written literary and aesthetic study of medieval France (" Mont Saint - Michel and Chartres ", 1904).

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