Henrih 2

Picture of Henrih 2

Date of Birth: 05/03/1133

Age: 56

Place of birth: Le Mans

Citizenship: United Kingdom


King from 1154, the first of the Plantagenet dynasty. Under the rule of Henry II, along with the British possessions were vast possessions in France. After becoming king after a long feudal unrest (1135-53), Henry II restored peace and made the dissolution of the baronial mercenary troops. Judicial reform Henry II greatly expanded the jurisdiction of the royal courts at the expense of the feudal curia and put them in an investigation by the jury; now any free of charge could apply to the Royal Court. Trying to Henry II with the help of t. N. Clarendon regulations (1164) to subordinate the royal power ecclesiastical courts failed. As a result of the military reform is widespread replacement of knightly service cash on delivery, ie. N. scutage; In addition, all free were required to have a weapon that, if necessary, to serve in the army of the king. When Henry II laid the foundation of the entire judicial and administrative system of the English feudal state: royal curia was divided into higher Crown Court and the Treasury, the British began to develop nationwide feudal law. Drawing a sharp distinction between freemen and serfs, they are legally secured powerlessness of the latter. When Henry II in 1169 began the conquest of Ireland.