Henk Van Dongen

Picture of Henk Van Dongen

Date of Birth: 09/05/1936

Age: 74

Place of birth: Delden

Nationality: Netherlands

One of the founders and a professor at the Rotterdam School of Management

Dutch theorist organizational culture, political adviser and professor at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Hernikus Youannes `Henk` van Dongen born May 9, 1936, in Deldene (Delden). He studied psychology at the University of Leiden (Leiden University) led by Jan Hendrik van den Berg (Jan Hendrik van den Berg). As a specialized van Dongen chose both social and clinical psychology. He received a bachelor`s degree in 1962. While working in the company `Hoogovens`, Henk received his doctorate in 1969 at the Catholic University of Tilburg (Catholic University of Tilburg); his dissertation was devoted to social studies suggestion box.

In 1960 began a period of democratization of public life and the private sphere. In etovremya were developed and implemented a fundamentally new concept of governance. It made Van Dongen switch to academic interests. In 1976 he agreed to teach at the Graduate School of Management (Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde) at the University of them. Erasmus (Erasmus University) and in one of the schools at the Delft University of Technology (Delft University of Technology).

As a professor of social and organizational psychology, Henk focused on the social impact of scientific and technological progress. In the late 1970s, he conducted studies of social and cultural consequences of information technology for the commission, headed by GV Rathenau (GW Rathenau). This commission was established with the participation of Prime Minister Joop den Oila (Joop den Uyl).

Van Dongen took an active part in activities outside the academic community, including acted as an advisor to public and private organizations, especially in the transport sector, infrastructure, banking and pharmacy. He has collaborated with the American pharmaceutical company `Eli Lilly and Company`, banking group` Rabobank`, Schiphol (Schiphol Airport), and others. In addressing institutional and policy analysis, Van Dongen played an important role in the formation of such organizations as SIOO and NSOB.

Henk van Dongen was married to Fike van Dogen (Fieke van Dongen). The couple had three children and nine grandchildren. Theorist died March 7, 2011-th in Vierhoutene (Vierhouten).

On the territory of the Netherlands Van Dongen had an impact on several pokoleniystudentov and practitioners in the field of management. His ideas are, by definition, interaction, conflicts and the definition of reality were improved several of his doctoral students. At the same worldview was influenced by Hank Elias (Norbert Elias) itself, symbolic interactionism, French existentialism and postmodernism are some ideas.

Van Dongen also worked on philosophical concepts arising from the channels of logic and ethics. Moreover, his view on ethics was based on the idea that the rules and principles of conduct should encourage diversity and support the process of negotiations between the disputing parties. He firmly rejected all forms of force attachment, idolatry, insisting that everyone is fully responsible for their actions.