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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of Birth : Houston, Nt [fc, USA

Citizenship : United States


In 1982, in the city of Houston, Texas ,It was born the power- metal band called "Helstar". The initial composition of the gang were as follows: James Rivera (vocals; ex "Deathwish", "Scorcher"), Larry Barragan (guitar), Robert Trevin (guitar), Jerry Abarca (bass) and Rene Lima (drums).

The following year, after its formation, the band recorded a demo,with which she was able to break into the "Combat records". And in 1984, the debut album was thrown on the shelves, "Burning star", which was made by producer drummer of "The rods" Karl Kenedi.

Immediately after the exit of the plate group plunged into scandal. As a result, the team left Trevin and Lima,and vacant places were taken by Andre Corbin and Frank Ferrer. Following this, he slammed the door and Barragan, quarreled with management on large and with their colleagues. It is intended to establish a new "Betrayer" project, but soon cooled down and returned to the ranks of "Helstar".

HelstarPosle second album,the team parted ways with "Combat records" and moved to LosAngeles, where he has found a new roof in the form of "Metal blade records". Disc 1988

"A distant thunder" (which included the skorpionovsky cover "He`sa woman, she`sa man") has received very favorable reviews in the press, and "Helstar" meanwhile, held the first global US-European tour, during which shared the stage with Yngwie Malmsteen, "Tankard" and "Dimple minds". But a quality album and successful tours have not saved the group from internal strife, and soon there were only old men from Rivera and Barragan.

The rush of fresh blood "Helstar" got in the face of a guitarist Tom Rogers,bassist Paul Medina and drummer Hector Pavana. This configuration is released the album "Nosferatu", after which the team was reduced to a quartet (Rivera, Abarca, Barragan, Russell DeLeon).

HelstarNovy part released one demo, and then Barragan finally decided to engage with the metal and went Laba pokabakam so-called "Tex-Mex".The remaining musicians changed the sign to "Vigilante" and earn a living, touring his native Texas. Situation tried to correct the bass player "Megadeth" Dave Ellefson, who undertook to produce four-track demo "Vigilante". However, during the sessions of the group has regained the title "Helstar" and recorded a full-fledged album,"Multiples of black". This CD, published on the label "Massacre records", It was extremely unfortunate and very different for the worse from the previous works.

As a result, "Helstar" long disappeared from the metal scene, although an official statement on the dissolution of the group does not seem to be. James Rivera in subsequent years,shone in a variety of projects such as "Destiny`s end", "Project Rivera", "Flotsam & Jetsam", "Distant thunder".

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