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A native of Oregon guitarist Paige Hamilton came to New York to complete the formation of the class of jazz guitar and a master`s degree ,without which he could not teach the technique and instrument theory at doma.Odnako in New York, he met with completely different music and musicians Killing Joke, Sonic Youth and Big Black; a very short time he himself was a member of Band Of Susans, after which he decided to organize his own group. The structure Helmet entered his countryman Henry Bogdan ,Australian guitarist Peter Mengede and experienced drummer with classical music education Stanir John, already had experience in the Florida hard rock bands. Very hard and heavy music Helmet contrasted sharply with the image of the artists who performed at concerts in simple suits, cropped, without kakogo-or make-up or cosmetics. Lyrically, Helmet things early period were sketches of New York life from nature ; musicians played very disciplined, clearly defined party of all instruments and avoiding improvised changes in the high-speed performance -This approach allowed Helmet maximize emotional compositions and at the same time avoiding a style closure with thrash bands and hard rock. The debut album "Strap It On" has attracted public interest in the Helmet, and the second album "Meantime", in 1992, witnessed the rapid growth of creative musicians.Next year Helmet toured a lot (at home with Faith No More, in Europe - with the Ministry) and soon moved to the status of a solid group, which itself acts as the " highlight of the program. " Then in 1993 from Helmet Mengede left, and was replaced by a former employee mail Rob Echeverria. Album "Betty" was recorded in the new company EastWest,which spun off from Atlantic Records, - some of the things on the disc produced Todts Ray, but one song - ("Milquetoast", which was later used in the soundtrack of the film "The Crow") edited by Nirvana producer Butch Vig. Disc 1995 " That Annoying" was made in the best traditions of Helmet, with interesting rhythmic and harmonic development finds.

This Texas group just thundered throughout the world in 1984 when she released her first album "Burning Star". Then before the 1986 group was not heard, a short burst of interest (second album) , and again silence until 1988 goda.Obyasnyaetsya is simple: a group of desperately unlucky with the composition ,musicians changed practically after each drive, the same member was only Barragen. The most interesting is the work of 1988 the album "A Distant Thunder", which is organically connected to the melodic "metal", symphonic rock, emotional vocals, ballad " insert ". This style called " progressive metal " - similar ,although more complex music, played by a group of Fates Warning.

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