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Hed PE is a music band from Huntington Beach (Kaliforiniya) plays vstile Rapcore.The band members themselves call their style G-Punk, a combination of G- Funk`a and Punk`a.

He formed a band in 1994, when the current guitarist Wesstyle and M. C. U. D. found that go to the same punk and hip- hop kontserty.Oni quickly became friends and formed a band by inviting her to drummer Myzak`a Diza, bassist Mawk`a,Chad`a second guitarist and DJ Product`a. In 1995, (Hed) PE released their first mini album, keotory called " Shurch Of Realities" and consisted of 8 songs, 6 of which later appeared on the first disc, which is called " (Hed) PE " and was released in 1997 year. The disc was a success, though only 100,000 copies in three years was released ,but the group has made wide enough. fame in musical circles. Immediately after the release of the album (Hed) PE went to the tour, which lasted 2 goda.Komanda playing with such monsters severe alternatives, such as Korn, Static-X, SlipKnoT, System Of A Down. In winter 1999, information began to emerge on the Internet, that M. C. U. D.ckonchalsya of a drug overdose in a motel in California is, fortunately, it was just a rumor. The group at this time is not rolled on the country, and worked in a studio on the second album "Broke", according to them very different from the previous one. " -In This album we did not really care was amped guitar and we all played. It all depends on whether you need this song or not. " As a result, the album is much deeper and more rhythmic than pervyy.Imenno this album moved the group to the rank repkorovskih teams. On the first album we can safely say- real meat, alloy good rap bark, good second album - certainly easier,but no worse than the previous one: it is both difficult and melodichenon. Recorded track "Feel Good" participated Serg Tankian (System Of A Down) & Morgan Lander (KiTTie). Trety album "BlackOut" came out recently as this year, compared with the predyduschemi has become much easier and more melodic..

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